Ice fishing leads to prostitution?This joke is kind of cold!A mayor in the United States has resigned after making provocative remarks

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An Ohio mayor who made national news last week for his provocative comments that “ice fishing would lead to prostitution” has resigned, the New York Post reported Thursday.Last week, Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert said at a city council meeting that allowing ice fishing in local parks “could lead to prostitution.””Will someone come back next year and say I want to live in a shack at Hudson Springs park for a while?And once you allow ice fishing from huts, it leads to another problem: prostitution.That means you’ve got the chief of police and the police department involved.”Schubert’s comments went viral on social media and were ridiculed by Us netizens.He later issued a clarification, saying his comments were “driven by concern for our community;Based on my previous experience reporting on TV news, this new law may have some unintended consequences.He added, “My attempt at dry humor in this cold, snowy February was badly misinterpreted.When I ran for mayor in 2019, my goal was to bring about change.Shake up the City Council and our city government, return Hudson to its core conservative values, and focus on the needs of our communities, not the desires of a few.”Schubert, 65, said he had planned to retire, especially after his wife died last September.”My role as an agent of change has been fulfilled,” he wrote in the statement.Schubert has made some outlandish statements in the past, the report noted.Last fall, he alleged that a high school creative writing class used a textbook containing child pornography.His comments led to threats against school board members and the fact that there were no books containing child pornography in the classroom.Source: Global Times New Media