Left-behind children are the subject of education, but also the main concern of people from all walks of life

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Family education space mainly refers to the material and spiritual environment space that can influence children’s psychology, behavior and cognition in family daily life.Whether it is the decoration of family material furniture, or the interaction between family members, the environment space created by this has a subtle influence on children from the beginning of their birth, and is a unique reference, edification, strengthening and screening medium in the growth process of children.For left-behind children, family space becomes a static plane space, rather than a dynamic space with which they can live, communicate and grow up.In the family space without parents for a long time, parents cannot timely guide their daily behaviors and exploration, from “out of control” to “out of control”, resulting in the gradual weakening of the significance of parents for their growth.Communication is the existence mode of education, the occurrence of education must be the presence and interaction of people, parents’ absence makes this space without their traces of life, warmth and situational teaching.Their long-term absence leads to incomplete family education space. “Physical distance may cause psychological alienation of family education space”, which is also the reason why many researchers focus on psychological research of left-behind children. Without discipline, psychological emotions can not be properly anchored and sorted out.A village is a spatial unit composed of agricultural groups that live and reproduce in a clear and fixed region at a certain edge for a long time, carrying the political, economic and cultural life patterns of rural areas.In terms of the term “settlement” and “group”, the current situation of the elderly, women and children as permanent rural residents constitutes this incomplete and incomplete group.There were roads and roads crisscrossing the fields, and birds and dogs heard each other, but few men and women were farming.In left-behind children’s families, children usually live with grandparents, who are most likely to hold old educational concepts and attitudes, almost “grandparents can not control” phenomenon.The age and concept gap between them leads to most of the communication only to eat and wear warm clothes, grandparents just casually ask questions about their children’s life or study, or mechanically control learning behavior, and can not give practical help.In the child’s mind, the family is happy and harmonious, and the scene of bustle can only be experienced during the Spring Festival.Although migrant parents can communicate with their children through telephone and video, after all, electronic media is cold and mechanical, and children cannot feel the temperature of their parents’ existence. It is difficult to give emotional and life support to children in the cold and monotonous family living space.Furthermore, it is difficult to promote their language thinking ability and the cultivation and development of interests and hobbies.Therefore, the family education space becomes a relatively static and flat state, diluting the cognitive functions of “teaching, what is applied from above and what is applied from below” and “cultivating and fostering children to do good”.Left-behind children are the subject of education, but also the main concern of people from all walks of life.Due to the influence of family and social environment, they have a certain bias towards their own cognition.According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, their middle and higher levels of needs, namely belongingness needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs, can not be effectively met in the family, and will be defective in school and social communication.In addition, they are labeled by the outside world. Once they label others with bad labels casually, the incidence of bad behaviors will be higher, or the occasional aggravation and habituation of bad behaviors will occur. “That is to say, left-behind children have inappropriate cognition of themselves.Some left-behind children lack confidence, inferiority and cowardice, which should be the biggest misunderstanding hindering their recognition of themselves, which may also lead to more withdrawn personality.In the survey, it was found that left-behind children can communicate boldly and even ask you a lot of questions. Almost all of them have brothers and sisters, electronic products and fixed pocket money.On the other hand, children who are silent and shy are alone at home with an elderly person and have no cell phone and little pocket money.It can be seen that their personality shaping is influenced by the things they come into contact with in the environment, and the influence of their peers is greater.Unintentionally or unintentionally, they will be evaluated and compared by others, thus forming their own evaluation and cognition, and the difference will create some negative self-cognition.Do you want to go to college?They answered “No way” in unison without pausing because they thought they could not get into college because of their poor grades.When asked if you want to go to school in the city, middle or high school?Three sixth-grade girls answered “not at all”, citing “the city is too big and I’m afraid I won’t find my way and get lost”.Can you imagine that in today’s technological society, there will be some people lost because of the complexity of urban road construction?This may sound ridiculous to many people, but it is what they really say and feel.My favorite is “Playing mobile phone, playing fast video”, and the Internet world seems to be the most meaningful thing.Almost every day, they are exposed to the new life and things in the city through mobile phone videos, but they are full of rejection and fear of the real city life.There may be many reasons behind the deep digging, but one sure reason is the inconfidence based on the bottom of my heart, which comes from a deep sense of security, without strong emotional and behavioral support.The country that thinks oneself lives and city person, modern city life appear antipathetic, reality forms such strong contrast, the heart inferiority complex will arise spontaneously.This leads to not only denial of their own ability to study and deal with things, but also denial of their ability to live, denial of their hometown.At the present age, they are actually yearning for the city, yearning for simple play, not want to go there to study or live.Because study and life mean getting along and interacting with this person, openness is stronger, and there will be many constraints accordingly, which is the embodiment of one’s ability, while play means more freedom.