The women’s soccer team won the championship and only rested for one day to practice again!The national football team lost Vietnam but rest for 5 days, sea cucumber still eat it

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Beijing time on February 9, the Chinese women’s soccer team again transmitted a new dynamic, and this time the dynamic of the women’s soccer team is to make the men’s soccer team completely ashamed, feel ashamed, may make them want to find a hole in the ground.Why do you say so?Because the women’s soccer team has officially resumed training today, less than 48 hours before the women’s soccer team returned to China.You have no wrong, women’s football is back on February 7, then just on February 8, a day of rest time, this a day’s rest time, women’s all needed to a wired and CCTV interviews, including Zhang Linyan, xiao-xue wang, including the women’s coach ShuiQingXia has also made a conversation with CCTV, and mounted the CCTV football night show.In addition to this interview, the women’s soccer team only rested for such a day, and then the women’s soccer team officially confirmed the resumption of training on 9th.Women’s football this time due to the outside the weather is not very good, here in suzhou have some rain, so the women’s football training into outdoor, indoor training the team in the gym for a larger intensity of training, including stretch training, hope to be able to remain during the isolation body state, don’t cry because it is just the title before and relax the wind down,That’s gonna delay training. That’s not gonna happen.Shui Qingxia took the whole coaching team and the Chinese women’s football team to resume training in taihu Taimei Xianggu Hotel in Suzhou, the hotel where the isolation is located, and the whole gym has been completely occupied by the women’s football team. Such a training attitude really made the men’s football team feel very, very humiliated.After all, the national football team’s performance is not good, rest time is really a lot of, the women’s football team came back to rest only one day, even can be said to win the championship seamless directly practice.But what about men’s football?The Chinese national football team returned to Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 5:45 am on February 3 on a 2 million package China Eastern airlines flight, and was pulled to the same hotel for quarantine on the same day.Now, for the first time in history, the men’s and women’s teams are being segregated in the same hotel, but when will the men resume training?It was yesterday afternoon, February 8th, when the Chinese women’s football team officially arrived at the quarantine hotel, the men’s football team announced that they would start their new training.The Chinese national football team came back and rested for five days, starting from February 3rd when they returned to China. The men’s football team did not announce the resumption of training until February 8th when the Chinese women’s football team arrived at the quarantine station.The women’s football team just entered the hotel, and the men’s football team announced that we would start training, which was also a bit of a move to steal the limelight at that time, but the men’s football team had a 5-day rest in the middle, while the women’s football team returned home on the 7th and had a day’s rest, and resumed training on the 9th.A just took the champion to the top of Asia, after 16 years to hold the Asian Cup again with the iron division and sonorous rose team, the middle only rest one day time to start training, basically belongs to not much rest.To know that they played Japan on the 4th and Korea on the 6th, they played two such high-intensity matches in a row, including the journey fatigue and the drive from Shanghai to Suzhou in the middle, which is equivalent to practicing without rest, which is called attitude.This is why the women’s football team has been able to make a super comeback when they are not as strong as South Korea and Japan. With this attitude, they cannot fail to succeed.”All is well with yesterday” is a very good lyric, and women’s football understands this.But what about the National football team?The national football team has nothing, the 12 strong match so far won a game, Li Xiaopeng after taking office was beaten by The Japanese fat, was the Vietnamese team blood abuse, the first day of the New Year lost 1-3, after coming back must rest for 5 days, eat sea cucumber to train again.One is a day off after winning the championship, the other is nothing, was nailed to the humiliation of the column after 5 days off, with this attitude, how can the women’s football team not better than the Chinese men’s football team?I’m afraid that seeing the attitude of the women’s football team, the National football team will be ashamed and cry wildly: “Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors!”