Grassroots proposed as soon as possible to determine the taoyuan mayoral candidate, KMT senior calm: let the bullets fly for a while

2022-07-01 0 By

The controversy over the choice of taoyuan mayor by the Kuomintang (KMT) continues. KMT legislator Lui Yu-ling is rumored to be the party’s choice, and party chairman Eric Chu even called Taipei City councilman Law Chi-keung to withdraw his candidacy.However, party officials stressed that there was pressure on Chu not to lose taoyuan, and that the person with the highest polls and the ability to win was the only choice for Chu.As for the candidate for mayor of Taoyuan, although the KMT central Committee does not plan to hold a primary election, mainly to coordinate, but Chu repeatedly stressed that they will put forward the candidate most supported by taoyuan residents based on scientific data.It is understood that the Party Central Committee has targeted the current “legislators” Lu Mingzhe, Wan Meiling, Lu Yuling and Luo Zhiqiang conducted three polls, Lu Mingzhe three times ranked first, Wan Meiling, Luo Zhiqiang have respectively second or third, Lu Yuling is the fourth.The party currently plans to nominate Taoyuan mayor in May, and will directly recruit Lu mingzhe as long as the poll trend does not change.Some people in lu Mingzhe’s party think that the taoyuan candidate is rumored, disputes continue, should be nominated as soon as possible to stem the bleeding, why delay to May?Party officials said that if the nomination is made now, no one will accept who, taoyuan is difficult to unite, so give a month to “let the bullets fly”, and then check the results of the efforts of all parties.However, the party also questioned, since Lu Mingzhe polls the highest, why the party central committee did not hold a direct primary election?According to the KMT’s special method for nominating county mayors, the party’s director of party affairs said that, in principle, “the primary election should be coordinated instead of the primary election.” If Taoyuan decides to hold the primary election, other counties and cities are afraid of chaos, and the primary election in each place will only cause internal friction.Vice chairman of the kuomintang, lien said yesterday if there is no way to coordinate a candidate, must enter the primaries, personally, he attaches great importance to the procedural justice, must through the fair, just and open, conform to the scientific and standard procedures, as well as broad into the place of ideas, opinions, as a result, finally can let all people take orally.(Source: Straits Herald)