Liu Jian: We will do a good job of nucleic acid sampling in a standardized and orderly manner and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic

2022-07-01 0 By

This morning (April 4), District Party Secretary Liu Jian went to Shanyang Town and Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau to check nucleic acid screening and social control, and visited frontline anti-epidemic workers.Liu Jian pointed out that the nucleic acid sampling work should be carried out in a standardized and orderly manner in batches, and the screening of people in fields, shanks, shops along the street, urban and rural fringe and other places and areas should be completed in a new round of high-quality nucleic acid screening.He called for close attention to changes in the epidemic situation, enhanced advance planning, scientific deployment of police forces, and precise and effective control of social gatherings.In Shanyang Town, Liu Jian visited the medical staff, community workers and volunteers in Dongfang Village and Shuiyun Zicheng community. He inquired about the progress of work and the difficulties they encountered and expressed full recognition of their work.Liu pointed out that the community is the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, everyone should carry forward the spirit of continuous battle, with a meticulous work style, strictly implement all prevention and control measures, effectively build a strong fortress of epidemic prevention and control.He called for in-depth and meticulous work for the people, continued efforts to ensure supplies for residents, and guidance for residents to actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control efforts to jointly safeguard community safety.In Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Liu Jian had a detailed understanding of relevant on-duty, road traffic management, control of key places and other situations, and visited the police officers.Liu stressed the need to pay close attention to changes in the epidemic situation, pay close attention to risks in key areas, places and populations, and strengthen social interaction control in a precise and effective manner to better improve work efficiency.Liu pointed out that the public security police, grassroots officials, medical staff, community workers and volunteers on the front line have made diligent efforts and made positive contributions to effectively controlling the spread of the epidemic in recent years.We need to strengthen our confidence, fight with all our might, rise to the occasion and overcome difficulties, and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.District leader Zhu Xilin accompanied inspection condolence.Reporter: Zhu Yilin Kunpeng Photography: Zhuang Yi Editor: Cheng Jiayu