What is the difference between tens and thousands of Vajraybodhi pieces?

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Recently, many players asked Wei Shao: what is the difference between the awesome King Kong and the ordinary King Kong?For example, 100 yuan and 10,000 yuan of king kong, such as 80 and 8000 pieces of king Kong!A good difficult problem, so to say, a bunch of king Kong bengguan business blowing how to hype up, density is always the first element, density is not much disk play value, the price is not naturally (except the rare petals of seeds).So, novice play king Kong looks, veteran play king Kong to see the cortex and density of king Kong.Let’s talk a little bit about the density of the adamantine cortex.Several seeds with different cortical density can be distinguished by appearance: bran seeds are black and have fine pores on the surface;Normal seed skin color, smooth surface;High oil seed skin color bright, compact surface.Many businessmen praise high mountain seeds, saying that they grow in a very bad climate, the density of the cortex is better than the plain area of king kong, in fact, this view is not absolutely correct.The influence of diamond density depends on the environment of growing plants, and has no direct relationship with altitude.Second sink, sink water, not sink generally speaking, with a batch of seeds, the second sink is certainly better than soaking it, can sink water affirmation than can’t sink water.Many players have long had the idea that the impervious seeds are called bran seeds, but there are some problems with this idea.It doesn’t have to be the formation of bran seeds. It could be seeds that fall from trees before they are ripe. It could also be worms.The large size diamond seed bin inside the space is large, the cortex has no problem, or does not sink water, this situation is more common for more than 25 seeds.Another possibility is multiple valves, which may contain too much air in the seed compartment.Old seeds that sink in a second at the beginning of a long time, after a year, because of water loss, it takes a while to sink in the water, and after a period of time, it may not sink in the water, and this kind of seed is not considered as bran seed.King Kong Bodhi price difference finally about the price, king Kong prices vary, there are dozens of roadside stalls currency, there are thousands of the best.Many novice white do not understand, the same is king Kong, the difference how so big?Also have because of this and take medicine, a catch a lot!Seeing so much king Kong, most of the prices are in the middle three range.Choose king Kong, or from the grain, pile type, density that several aspects to see.Everyone has their own preferences, but also have their own choices, the heart to have a steelyard, will not be too much medicine.Finally sum up a word, a penny a point goods, buy not sell the essence!!Wei Shao said that literary play, easy to understand, in-depth simple, humorous style, take you to appreciate the charm of literary play, into the pure land of literary play world, let you say goodbye to medicine, from now on clearly play literary play!