Yu Xiuhua’s poem “identification” : love is a distant burning alone, is to reshape themselves with ashes

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Love is the eternal theme of poetry and literature.It is as hot as fire, as soft as water, more beautiful than flowers, more brilliant than the stars and the moon, more profound than the sky, more extensive than the sea, unforgettable.So, a lot of people have experience: life can talk about a vigorous love is enough.There are always a few classic love quotes or poems handed down from ancient and modern literati, especially poets.For example, the Hungarian poet Petoffi, who was particularly expressive of the importance of emotion, wrote: “Life is precious, love is more precious.”For example, the Irish poet William, who loved deeply and faithfully.In When You Are Old, Butler Yeats wrote, “How many loved your glad hours, / and loved your beauty with love true or false, / but one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, / and loved the sorrow of your aging face.”For example, The English Mrs. Browning in “How I Love You” in a particularly straightforward but almost obsessive confessions: “I love you, / like a daily supply of food.I love thee purely, without flattery;I love thee bravely, as I strive for right!/ With my old pains and my childhood’s faith, / with tears and laughter and all my life.”Contemporary vernacular poetry has borrowed many forms of western poetry, and combined with the characteristics of the Chinese language itself as the carrier of poetry expression, now it is very mature.Under the efforts of several generations of poets, there are many excellent love poems, which will not be described here.Today, Mr. White Horse has chosen a poem “Recognition” by yu Xiuhua, a famous contemporary poet, to share with your literary friends.”Recognize” Yu Xiuhua/love poem is a distant burning alone, is to use ash reshaping itself is painful to the destruction of a cry is a cry after the eternal silence me to be near you, in the form of rotation, such as under the flower blooms on the torrent whirlpool fall at a speed of time, I heard the time impact, roar: oh, I keep waiting for you to recognize in my way,Half your life is spent, Half your life is spent AH, I hide in the crowd, speechless and loving, it is your white hair, accurately called my name after the silence deeper than the sky compared to the elder poet Wang Guozhen, “Since you are in love with roses, bravely tell the truth”,Xi Murong’s poem “How to let you meet me/at my most beautiful moment/for this/I have begged Buddha for five hundred years”, yu Xiuhua’s poem presents emotional expression, which tends to be a kind of painful, Stoic and decisive emotional cognition.This kind of cognition is a gradual realization rather than an Epiphany after the poet has been in the fire of love and lost and hesitated in it.Therefore, after reading this poem, we can feel that the female poet wrote this poem when the writing of the smooth dripping dripping, sober self-awareness, vicissitudes of life and profound cognition.The poem is divided into four sections.The three lines of the poetess in verse 1 provide a general description of a woman’s love by way of parallelism.Poetically, she uses a thimble to make the images of the first two sentences coherent and the latter two connected, which makes us recall the sweet and sour feelings we have experienced in the past.Of course, everyone’s feelings are different.Some literary friends often define love in this way: one person’s feelings, no matter how rich and profound, can only be called love, and only two people’s feelings can be called love.This is the truth that we cannot dispute.After reading the first line of Yu Xiuhua’s poem, “Love is a distant burning alone, and it is the self remodeled with ashes”, Mr. White Horse wants to quote the Tang poem “wax torch ashes before tears dry”, “the heart of the spring does not share flowers for hair, one inch of acacia one inch of ashes” to correspond to yu Xiuhua’s definition of love respectively.These ancient poems are implicit and graceful, while yu Xiuhua’s two or even three lines seem to be straightforward definitions, but in fact, they are trying to animate and influence love by using both figurative and concrete life phenomena.Although everyone’s experience is different, it still makes people’s heart beat.How do you feel that piercing cry of destruction?The poetess could not have imagined the feeling of grief if she had not experienced it.And the eternal silence after the cry is already despairing of it perhaps destroyed.After reading the second section of the poem, we have to admire the poetess ‘imagination, which is the main motive force of a poet’s creation.It urges the poetess to instantly stimulate the artistic vitality of her thoughts, so that the untouchable emotions and realistic images match the words in the image of poetry, like a surge of waves, erupting.In this section, the poet did not write the month before the flowers under the charming romantic, and focus on the flower since than, to the torrent, vortex metaphor poem “you”, thus neatly expressed a deliberate, dangerous, make her almost suffocating meet scene.”I heard time falling, crashing, roaring at the speed of time,” she said.People of ancient and modern times often describe the passage of time as “blink” or “snap your fingers”, etc. Yu Xiuhua describes the process of time flying with words full of vitality, which makes the process become vigorous and painful.Time is an empty thing.The poet can hear time collide and disappear at a great speed, which seems to use the sixth sense for him.This figure of speech is called synesthesia, or paradox.The title of the poem is “Recognition”.The first line of verse 3 is pertinent: “Oh, I insist on waiting for you to recognize me in my way, and thus recognizing you.”The mutual recognition between you and me is actually a way of mutual selection, and this way is exactly the key way that both of us are favored by the god of love.Half her life went by and she could not identify anyone who could sympathize with her, so much so that she wrote, “I mingled with the crowd and remained speechless.”This line can be said to be the whole poetic eye, a touching sadness.Many poets marveled at the tension of this line of poetry, containing the persistence of the hair.It is precisely because of the restrained poetry in verse 3, which directly points to the main theme of the poem, that the female poet once again expresses the definition of love in verse 4, which forms a repeating chant with verse 1: “And love is deeper than the silence of the sky when you call out my name with your gray hair.”After half a lifetime, she still has nothing, and she’s still searching and searching.The reason why the poetess repeatedly describes the forms and connotations of true love in the first and last stanzas is to find some romantic and poetic reasons for identifying the true feelings between you and me.Many poets write about love poems that are either too sweet or too sad.On the contrary, this poem by Yu Xiuhua is refreshing and makes people deeply realize the unique pain, living and pursuit of the present world, deep and persistent together, and the coexistence of passion and loneliness.This poem is a masterpiece of love.How do you feel after reading this poem by Yu Xiuhua?Welcome to exchange and discuss.Welcome to white horse kan poetry.