3 daily checks, easily extend the service life of tires

2022-07-02 0 By

Driving is a relatively safe way to travel in the face of repeated epidemics, but tire maintenance should also be put on the agenda at the turn of autumn and winter!However, many car owners feedback that they have little knowledge about tire maintenance, so this tire maintenance tip is prepared for you to check tire pressure: neither too high nor too low tire pressure should be controlled at 2.2-2.6bar. It is recommended to check the tire pressure once a month to ensure normal tire pressure.Tire pressure is too low will increase fuel consumption and vehicle bumpy feeling;Tire pressure is too high to increase tire wear, serious conditions may also cause tire explosion.Check the appearance: bulging damage to repair or replace the tire to check whether there are bulging, cracks, cuts, nails and other problems, if there is any abnormality, please go to the brand authorized service station in time for maintenance, but also pay attention to: there is a certain danger in tire maintenance, please hand over to professionals to operate;After tire repair or replacement, dynamic balance and four-wheel positioning are required to ensure safe driving of the vehicle.Check and clean: foreign bodies in the tire pattern when the gap between the tire pattern is filled with foreign bodies, the tire pattern will be difficult to play a grasp, noise reduction and other functions.At the same time, excessive accumulation of foreign bodies will make the tire surface abnormal wear, some corrosive foreign bodies will even directly damage the tire, serious will also cause tire accident.