A “Yang” formula, from the Qing Dynasty famous doctors, warm limbs, cold, pain, acid, fatigue

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The great treasure of heaven, only one red sun.Man’s great treasure, only this interest really Yang.There is no sun in the sky, and all things wither and die.The body did not Yang qi, joints cold pain acid lack.Most of the time, the so-called health, is to raise the mass of Yang on our body, so that it is like warm Yang in the sky, warm our bones and muscles.The stubborn limb pain of many people, in the final analysis, is lack of Yang qi, or Yang qi is covered.Come on, I’ll tell you a true medical story.There was a man, 65 years old, whose surname was Lu in his medical case. He was a farmer.This man has had low back pain since five years ago.Five years of plasters, physical therapy, ups and downs, no complete improvement.Sometimes attacks, the waist bursts of cold, soft and sour.His left leg was numb.In the end, the whole person lay on the bed in pain, dare not move.The family feel so go on not, hurriedly send it to the hospital.Take a film to see, discover is lumbar body bone hyperplasia.How to do?This time, he decided to try traditional Chinese medicine and decoction.The patient’s pulse was heavy and thin, the moss was white and the tongue was light.The pain is cold, cold pain, sour and soft, fatigue.Knowing the patient’s condition, the doctor quickly made out a prescription.But see – cooked rehmannia glutinosa, antler gum, cinnamon, cannon ginger, ephedra, white mustard seed, raw licorice, eucommia ulmoides, broken bone, Achyranthes bidentata, caulis spatholobi.All this, in water.As a result, after drinking 5 doses of the medicine, the patient’s symptoms were greatly improved, pain relieved, and movement was relatively free.If the effect is not better, the original prescription continues to take.In the end, patients with all symptoms, pain completely disappeared, the waist is no longer cool and soft, daily life is not affected.In addition, there was no recurrence during one year follow-up.Here, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, deer horn gum, cinnamon, cannon ginger, ephedra, white mustard seeds, raw licorice, this is the composition of ancient Fangyang and soup.Yang He Soup originated from the Collection of Surgical Syndrome Treatment quan Sheng by Wang Hongxu, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty.Is to use Yang to reconcile Yin and Yang, so that our body Yin and Yang balance, physical and mental harmony, Yin and Yang balance disease elimination.Square, cooked rehmannia glutinis and antler glue, warm tonifying kidney essence kidney Yang, strong yuan Yang.Cannon ginger and cinnamon, warm blood, warm Yang disperses cold.White mustard and ephedra collocation, one is good at warming cold phlegm, one is good at xuantong MAO Qiao, access cou rationale, this is like dispelled the clouds, make Yang no longer block, finally to shine on the whole body.You see, in this way, the patient’s body, won’t get warm again?On this basis, eucommia ulmoides, bone broken butch, achyranthes bidentata and caulis spatholobi are added to further strengthen waist and knees, tonify liver and kidney, nourish blood and promote blood circulation, which can enhance the strength of treatment.This is to use Yang he tang flavor, treatment of kidney Yang deficiency, Yin cold block formed by the waist and leg pain prescription, very reference significance.Of course, everyone’s constitution is different, the dosage is not the same.Non-professional readers, it is best to draw lessons from and apply the dialectical guidance of TCM doctors.If the syndrome differentiation is not correct, the medicine is reversed, then the gain outweighs the loss.