Eternal god emperor: too on the broken territory, ten rob protection, Kunlun bound eight party gathered, the war again!

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Now with the Indian snow day and chaos of the old ancestor died together, the dark deep copy can be said to come to an end, after all, nine dead different emperor is facing the siege of the ancient life, not to say their own security, at least is too busy to him.Although Chiyao, Repair Chen et al fear feng Caiyi, afraid of her to Zhang Ruochen a pedestrian start.After all, in their impression, phoenix wings is the god of death, the real murder does not blink.If before, feng Caiyi see Chiyao and rob zunzun, estimate without words directly killed, but now is obviously impossible.Perhaps in the face of others, feng Caiyi or the murderous devil, but in Zhang Ruochen is impossible.Obviously, Feng Caiyi has moved to Zhang Ruochen, in, even if the surface is not willing to admit, but in the subconscious, Feng Caiyi still care about Zhang Ruochen’s feelings.If feng Caiyi really killed a few people chi Yao, don’t say and Zhang Ruochen further, is now the relationship can not maintain, must be life and death.Once fengcaiyi in order to achieve the purpose of tiantian by hook or by hook or by hook, but now fengcaiyi to Zhang Ruochen can also give up a lot of things, is once the obsession is not impossible.Therefore, since the ancient abandoned city is fengcaiyi in the seat, Zhang Ruochen and others can be safe and sound.Stay to leave the dark deep, Zhang Ruochen the first thing is certainly back to Kunlun bound, after all, now you Tan Po luo flowers and mani beads are in the hand, has been able to be too continued life.Since let too hang a thousand years of life, should not fall so just right, and too on the same for the whole sword circle forces have a decisive position.Yutanpola flowers can not only renew life, but also enhance the effect of spiritual power.And too is the spirit of the monks, the spirit of the ninety-third order, if shou Yuan supplement, want to restore to the ninety-third order can be said to have no pressure, after all, feeling in there.And too high is very likely to touch the spirit of 94 steps, which is the threshold of the half-patriarch.Now Haotian and Tianmu are about to break through banzu. If the sword circle wants to fight among the three, it is inevitable that banzu will be seated. Taishang is undoubtedly a good choice.However, the breakthrough of Banzu was not accomplished overnight. It took some time for emperor Jiuxianyi to break through from the middle period of Never dying to the peak of Never dying, let alone Banzu.And this is obviously the best opportunity to measure organization and chaos.After the upheaval of the Rakshas, the quantity organization has already had the idea of attacking the Kunlun boundary, but because taishang is still alive, he is afraid of being destroyed.Now if the taishang really want to break the boundary half ancestor, there must be no redundant energy to deal with the quantity organization, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity, because the quantity organization absolutely does not want to see taishang break the boundary.Tianmu and Haotian should now have been in the critical period of breaking the territory, should be busy.Especially tianting tianzun Haotian, I’m afraid even seventy-two product lotus have no energy tube.Quantity organization chooses to attack at this time, kunlun bound is obviously unable to withstand.The kunlun realm can no longer cope with the thunderbolt, the fulu deity, the one heavenly deity, the one heavenly deity, and the three evil lords and the Chiwada mother deity.What’s more, no one knows whether there will be foreign aid, such as yan from hate.Dark deep inside the ancient living creature apparently can’t really trapped nine dead different emperor, and such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, nine dead different emperor is impossible to miss.Big devil heart in zhang Ruochen hands, big devil body and very likely in the underworld dungeon 18 heavy prison, no matter which one, are worth nine dead different emperor to go.On the kunlun side, there is only a large and unrestrained dragon Lord barely enough to see, but it is not easy to contain the three evil lords and chiwada mother god.As for the five Dragon god emperor and the thousand star god ancestor, they are not to the extent of living and dying together with the Kunlun kingdom. If they are evenly matched, they may help them, but those with such unequal strength should stay out of it.There is no haotian organization, tianting jie days should not assist kunlun on a large scale, can have one or two chi aid is very good.So kunlun bound if want to tide over this difficulty, very likely need ten rob ask day gentleman to return!As early as when disillusionment xinghai has been used Yin Yuancheng hinted, now also should come to the ten days of the king’s return.Otherwise, the Kunlun boundary is likely to be in jeopardy.Therefore, the next Kunlun boundary is likely to set off another great war, the severity may be comparable to 100,000 years ago!Of course, these are just some guesses for the story behind baiqi, only for reference, have different ideas of small partners can also speak freely in the comment area oh!In addition, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, I wish you all a lucky tiger na Fu, Fu Tiger Cheng Xiang, Dragon Teng Hu Yue, Tiger Hu Sheng wei, the Year of the Tiger!