How to turn co-worker conflict into life’s creativity in the workplace?

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Hello, Miss Qian Li!I ask two questions.The first problem is: my son and I have finished our big classes.‍‍ When we chatted together, we found that our sense of self-worth ‍‍ was very low, and now we don’t know what to do.‍‍ The second problem is: if I have a conflict with my lover now, I can get out of the hole quickly.But there are conflicts with colleagues in the unit, easy to fall into the pit, there is no conflict with colleagues before learning gestalt.Tutor q&A we first say the second question ‍‍.Congratulations first. At some point, it’s possible that your inner strength is starting to rise. It’s not that you don’t want conflict, it’s that you don’t want conflict.‍‍ There are many people in the colleague relationship, obviously want to refuse, but he dare not;He wanted to argue the case, but he didn’t dare.So more often than not, it’s probably suppressed internally.‍‍ is now in conflict with the growth, probably attacking a sense of power outward, which is actually a ‍‍ direction of power rising.‍‍ of course, ‍‍ uses this power with awareness.‍‍ because you think, in the unit and ‍‍ colleagues are social relations, not to say that they have to endure;But there are conflicts in social relationships, and being able to say no and say no is actually a very important part of establishing your own boundaries ‍‍.Of course, life is like a play, all rely on acting, can not completely fall in.‍‍ and most importantly, how do we take this power and not just use it for conflict, not just use it for attack, but sublimate it into the creativity of your life, ‍, ‍ that’s very important.There is conflict, no problem;Fall into the pit, no problem.‍‍ The key is how fast we climb out, how to make it faster and faster;‍‍ fall in the number of times, how to make it less and less.That’s what we need to work on.Let’s take the first question, about self-worth.We say growth, like ‍‍ is like crossing a river.The concept of self-worth, security, intimacy and so on, including the family of origin, the harm we suffered in the family of origin, intergenerational harm and so on, are actually tools for us to cross the river of life and growth.When you grow up, those tools have to be put down.One day you see that your sense of self-worth, especially in advanced classes, is a hollow thing.So don’t be tightly grasped by this thing, which thing is called self, which thing is called the sense of value?When your advanced class is over, find an opportunity to go back and volunteer for intermediate and advanced classes, ‍‍, let go of this attachment within you and practice your body as it is.‍‍ For the vast majority of students, as well as teachers engaged in gestalt education, we often feel that ‍‍ after the first gestalt course, in fact, really know 10% or 20% of the essence of gestalt is already good.So gestalt education prepares you for different stages of growth ‍‍ way, volunteer is very important second step.‍‍ When you enter the classroom for the second time, and from the perspective of a volunteer, you will find that you are sublimated to another level.So, welcome back to class.