Shandong Taian no. 19 Middle School leaders visited xinjiang teachers

2022-07-02 0 By

In September 2021, Wang Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of Taian No.19 Middle School, and Yang Weijie, a physics teacher, started their volunteer teaching journey in Xinjiang.On the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, Wang Zhenlin, the principal of Taian No. 19 Middle School, with the members of the leadership team, visited the two teachers’ homes, extended holiday greetings to them, and sent the blessings of the leaders of the education and Sports Bureau and the teachers and students of the whole school.Wang Zhenlin and his delegation had a heart-to-heart talk with the two teachers and had extensive exchanges. They had a deep understanding of their work, life and physical condition during the period of aid to Xinjiang. They spoke highly of their enthusiasm and responded to the call to stay away from home and devote themselves to the work of aid to Xinjiang.I hope they cherish the work experience and life experience during xinjiang aid, after the end of Xinjiang aid, continue to carry forward the spirit of Xinjiang aid, with a fuller state of mind to return to the 19th work post, perform new responsibilities, create new achievements.Secretary Wang thanked the leaders at all levels for their concern and sympathy for him, and said that he would live up to the ardent hope of leaders at all levels, stay true to his original aspiration and keep his mission firmly in mind, and make greater contributions to the cause of education.Yang Weijie teacher to the leadership to visit and care, feel warm, said to do their best, seriously do their own work, the successful completion of xinjiang aid teaching task.