Sing him!”A Dream in my heart” was published in song magazine, a national core periodical

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Recently, according to the Chinese Musicians Association, the national core periodical song magazine published the theme song of Guizhou Radio and TELEVISION’s radio drama “Have a Dream in my heart”, which symbolizes that guizhou Radio and TELEVISION’s literary and artistic creation level has been recognized by national experts.Song magazine, founded in 1952, is supervised by The China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and sponsored by the Chinese Musicians Association. Its chief editor is Wang Liguang, an authoritative expert in The Chinese music field, its deputy chief editor is Tian Xiaogeng, a famous Chinese composer, and its consultants are Lu Qiming, Zhao Jiping, Xu Peidong and Yin Qing.Song magazine aims to quickly reflect the national songwriting achievements and represent the national songwriting level, and the published works are generally excellent.”Original Guizhou · Hear” takes you into the song “Have a Dream in your heart”, which is written and lyriced by Chen Zhen, a senior reporter of Guizhou Radio and TELEVISION station and scriptwriter of radio drama “Rebellious Walker” according to the style of Sandu aquatic folk songs, composed by tie Kaihong, senior editor and famous musician, and sung by Zhang Huan.It is published on page 35 of the 12th issue of Song magazine in 2021. It is the theme song of the radio drama “Rebel” of Guizhou Radio and TV Station, mainly written for the drama to heighten the atmosphere.As the singer spoke, a dream like painting of the beautiful blueprint slowly spread out.The beautiful and magnificent singing eulogizes every rebellious and responsible person of The Times, and it is also a musical masterpiece needed by the construction of socialist core values system.The creation of works on the theme of “Fighting leprosy” can better reflect the “people first”, encourage the morale of the frontline personnel in the fight against the epidemic, and build confidence in winning the fight against the epidemic!The radio drama “The Traveler” was created by wang Shenglin’s family in Sandu Shui Autonomous County, Guizhou Province, who had served leprosy patients for 66 years.Especially the theme song “Have a dream in my heart”, for the radio drama “the walker” endowed with more artistic expression.Domestic music industry authority, famous composer Pingyuan said: “good drama, you need such a good song with love!Without such good songs, the charm of art would be lost.”Pingyuan also hopes guizhou radio and television station more such fine goods.Lyrics: Chen Zhen Composition: Tie Kaihong Singing: Zhang Huan Source: Guizhou Radio and Television Station production: Qin Xiangxiang Review: Zhang Da editor: Yang Shengshuang