BMW 7 series failed to pass the annual inspection because of 4 screws missing

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The change of travel mode makes people feel the change brought by the development of science and technology. The biggest change in clothing, food, housing and transportation is travel mode.Before the popularization of cars, people mostly relied on public transportation to travel, but in some backward cities, public transportation has not been popularized, so people have to choose motorcycles or electric vehicles to travel.Most people do not expect that we can smoothly enter the automobile era. Up to now, most families have bought cars, and the number of motor vehicles has easily broken through 400 million, which also makes the road traffic feel pressure. There are more and more motor vehicles on the road, so that traffic jam and parking is difficult to become normal.To this end, relevant departments have accelerated the formulation of traffic regulations, some of the old traffic regulations have been optimized, the new traffic regulations have basically achieved all-round coverage, especially for the annual car inspection and driving test, formulated more and more detailed management regulations.For ordinary consumers, may not have experienced the trouble of car examination, but think of the difficulty of the driving test, you can think of the car examination is difficult.Domestic policy implemented six years exempted from inspection, of course, not all vehicles are in accordance with the requirements, accord with six years exempted from inspection of vehicles, in the new car fall to the ground I’m online six years without trial car, wait until the sixth year, only need on-line inspection car, car annual inspection program also do the optimization, more comprehensive testing project, a lot of old car OBD tests hard!This happened to a BMW 7 series owner when he was helping a friend to check his car. The owner was found by the traffic police because he forgot to check his car and was ordered to check his car on time. There was no problem with the car itself, but it could not pass the annual inspection because of the lack of 4 screws.This BMW 7 Series is in its first year of online inspection. It applied for the exemption mark on the software before, but failed to pass the appearance inspection at the inspection site because of the lack of 4 screws.When this BMW 7 series was listed, the DMV only provided 4 fixing screws, and the owner installed them on the two license plates respectively. He was afraid that the license plate could not be fixed stably, so he found 4 screws and pressed them. This kind of screw itself is non-removable.Traffic police found this car off the trial, also once mentioned the license plate fixed screw thing, but did not make a penalty, ordered the owner to solve as soon as possible, did not think that even the annual inspection can not pass.Now, when you go to the DMV to apply for a license plate, a staff member will help you hang the license plate and provide you with eight anti-theft and anti-demountable screws that hold the plate in place, as well as a screw cap with a special logo to distinguish vehicles from each other in different provinces.Many testing fields have increased the vehicle appearance detection, especially for the problem of license plate fixing screws. The lack of screws is easy to make up for. If the screws that do not meet the requirements are used in the later period, it may take a lot of trouble.If the owner found that the license plate fixed screws fall off, should not be free to find some screws instead, should go to the DMV in time to apply for, in the absence of fixed screws, there may be license plate fall, in the rain is more likely to be washed away by the water, so it may be stopped by the traffic police, as unlicensed vehicle processing.Many owners do not review the car experience, if there is a lack of license plate fixed screws, should make up in time, do not wait until the review of the car to rework, in this regard, what do you think?