China has entered a state of first-level war readiness six times, the first being to resist the United States and aid Korea, and the most recent involving Taiwan

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Living in these halcyon times, many people think we may be far from war, but we are not.Our ability to live well in a peaceful world is inseparable from the proper role of our leaders and the protection of our armed forces.Although new China has been founded, we have bid farewell to the humiliating era of foreign invasion, but in today’s society, it is still the law of the jungle, although China advocates peace, but must protect their territorial integrity.If any other country comes, we must have enough strength to deal with it.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China has entered a state of first-level war readiness six times.Level of combat readiness state, refers to the country’s territorial safety could be affected by the serious threat, the country’s leaders will transfer the relevant military power, into a state of readiness, if there is a foreign military invasion, then we will not relent, as far as possible in a peaceful way to solve the problem, will use force means to fight when necessary.The first time it entered the first level of war readiness was during the period of resisting the United States and aiding Korea.After the founding of the Republic of Korea, there was much to be done at home. However, the Invasion of Korea by the United States meant that the security of our territory was also in danger.North Korea and South Korea are located next to each other. If north Korea’s territory is invaded, South Korea’s territory will be seriously threatened.Therefore, the country’s leaders sent many commanders during the Anti-Japanese War to Korea to participate in the United States to aid Korea, while the domestic also entered a state of first-level combat readiness, two-pronged to protect the peaceful life of the common people.The second time was during the Artillery battle of Kinmen.The United States has long held a grudge against South Korea for supporting North Korea and repelling the U.S. invasion.Later, the United States repeatedly instigated the Kuomintang represented by Chiang Kai-shek to provoke the security of our territory, with the support of the United States, Chiang Kai-shek had arranged 380 artillery pieces on Kinmen Island.In this regard, China will not show weakness and quickly enter a state of war readiness, resolutely protect the hard-won peace.The third time was in the treasure Island self-defense counterattack.In the 1960s, the international relations between the Soviet Union and China began to deteriorate, and the Soviet military continued to provoke, and even attempted to occupy Treasure Island in 1968.Despite repeated warnings that were ignored by the other side, South Korea resumed its first level war readiness. After 15 days of war, South Korea ended up winning the war, showing the Soviet Union its strength and never provoking again.The fourth time was in the counterattack in self-defense against Vietnam.At this time, Vietnam just became independent. Due to poor economic development, It was eager to expand its territory. At the instigation of the Soviet Union, it even began to attack our border.In response to the threat to the lives of many people in the border areas, China launched a state of first-level combat readiness. In less than a month, China demonstrated its military power and protected the peace of the people.The fifth time was when Chairman MAO died.As we all know, Chairman MAO is a famous leader of our country, he led the revolutionary ancestors for us in exchange for the hard-won peace now.Chairman MAO enjoys prestige in the world, when Chairman MAO died, the founding fathers Ye Jianying et al., in order to prevent the small people have the heart of malpractice, causing internal chaos specially ahead of time to start the first level of combat readiness, ready in advance and take this opportunity to demonstrate, so as not to appear unnecessary trouble.The last time was during the Taiwan Strait crisis.Taiwan is a part of China, but Its leader, Lee Teng-hui, advocated independence internally and, believing the rumors of the United States, attacked the mainland and triggered a crisis across the Taiwan Strait.In the face of the Taiwan forces and the US provocations, While entering the first level of combat readiness, China also carried out military exercises in the southeast coast, and tried to resolve the issue in a peaceful way as much as possible while demonstrating our military strength.It can be seen that after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China has been able to maintain peace, and the state’s high vigilance is inseparable.The six times that China entered a state of first-level combat readiness fully demonstrated that China has been continuously developing its military strength to protect the country’s territorial integrity and the safety of its people. Once foreign enemies invade China, we will show no mercy.But at the same time, we are a country of peace. We try our best to live in harmony with our different neighbors. Any problems that arise, we try our best to solve them through negotiation, rather than using force to hurt innocent people.