Dong ‘an County Safety Committee held the first plenary meeting of 2022 and the national “two sessions” and “Winter Olympics” during the work safety conference

2022-07-03 0 By

Today yongzhou news (correspondent He Li) February 10 afternoon, the East ‘an County Security Committee held the first plenary meeting of 2022 and the national “two sessions” “Winter Olympics” during the safety work conference.Deputy secretary of the county Party Committee, county magistrate, county security Committee director Jiang Hua attended the meeting and speech, county Party Committee standing Committee, executive deputy county magistrate, county security Committee Deputy Director Li Yuehong chaired the meeting, county Party Committee standing Committee, deputy county magistrate Tang Jimei, deputy county magistrate Tang Honglin, Zhou Haixiong, Qin Qi, Zhou Zhicheng, Yang Weiyan attended the meeting.Jiang hua pointed out that the main task of the meeting is to arrange the annual work and study and solve current problems.Each member unit of the safety committee should focus on “clarifying ideas, analyzing causes, identifying problems, thinking of accurate methods, and clarifying goals” to win the victory of the whole year’s work of safety;To enhance the importance of safety in production, learn from experience and lessons, take solid and effective preventive measures to improve the level of safety in production throughout the county.The county at all levels and departments around the province to win the safety production demonstration county of the goal of unwavering, so that safety production accidents to zero, non safety production accidents to reduce;To implement hazard reset action rule violations, and illegal action, network packages to action, action, emergency response mechanism, ability construction, improve the capacity to promote exercise action such as “six” action, careful screening, eliminate safety hidden trouble, illegal violations regulation in place, a clear responsibility to strengthen source management, strengthening the construction of ability of cadres education and training, responsibilities, straighten out the villages and towns safety standEnhance emergency response capacity to ensure the county’s stable production safety situation.At the meeting, the county safety committee member unit of the county emergency management bureau in charge of the 2021 safety production work, put forward the 2022 safety production work recommendations;The directors of the 12 professional safety committees analyzed the current work of each professional committee and arranged the key work in the next stage.County safety committee member units and the township (field) responsible comrades to the county safety committee submitted a certificate of responsibility for production safety.