How to jump 6 meters in the long jump

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Fast run-up, high jumping ability, so that they can create in the air of the air time, that is, when the board jumped up the air time, with a long air time, in order to jump farther, made the legs before and after the swing, so that when entering the pit, can jump farther.The starting position of run-up directly affects the stability and accuracy of run-up.There are two kinds of starting posture of the run-up: one is from the static state, generally using two legs slightly bent, two feet about parallel standing “half squat type”, or two legs before and after separation.In the run-up, accelerate gradually, and in the last two steps, be determined to run as fast as you can without falling.When jumping, try to keep your legs and upper body together and bend.Jump as high as you can.When landing, lean your hands and upper body forward rather than back.There are four skills in the long jump: increasing the strength of the ground during the run-up and take-off;Improve the accuracy of the run-up rhythm;Scientifically determine the run-up distance;Improve the psychological quality of athletes.Only by mastering the technique of the run-up and long jump can we jump further.Run-up is an important technique in the long jump. It is the process of overcoming inertia. It plays an important role in the long jump.There are two ways to accelerate the run-up: one is active acceleration, one is gradual acceleration.Positive acceleration is an active run from the helper.The pace is always at a higher level, and this acceleration mode allows you to get out of stasis earlier and get a higher run-up speed.It is characterized by shorter run-up steps, faster pace, and a larger forward tilt.This method is suitable for absolute fast athletes.Take off: Kick off with strong and fast feet and swing your arms slightly from back to front and take off with full extension.Push the ground quickly and forcefully, leg kick and hand swing should be coordinated, air display should be sufficient, emphasizing the moment before the forefoot off the ground.Landing introduction: collect abdomen lift leg, calf stretch forward, at the same time the arms swing back forcibly, and bend knees landing buffer.The timing of the leg forward extension is well grasped, the leg before the arm after the pendulum, after landing forward not back.Auxiliary exercise: Jump, bend your knees in place and start jumping.Do a straight jump in the air, fully open your hips, and do a back bow.Bend your knees to cushion the landing;Single jump forward practice: Generally practice from left (right) to right (left).The distance should be controlled at about 25-30 meters, and 3-4 groups should be completed.Jump from an upright position, bending your legs and clasping your knees in the air or clapping your hands in front of your legs.When landing, you must bend your knees for cushioning.To exceed a certain height or distance or height.