Weave dense security network increase support field sound spring ploughing spring pipe “Assembly call”

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In early spring, vegetation germinates and everything looks new.At present, the country has entered the busy season of spring ploughing spring pipe.The enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain has increased, the scientific and technological strength is supported, and financial supporting services can keep up. The “Assembly call” of spring ploughing and spring pipes has been sounded in the vast fields.The no. 1 central document in 2022 points out that the level of research and development and application of agricultural machinery equipment should be improved.We will comprehensively identify areas of weakness, strengthen collaborative efforts in engineering agricultural machinery and equipment, and accelerate r&d and manufacturing of high-horsepower machinery, small machinery for horticulture in hilly and mountainous areas and facilities, and high-end intelligent machinery, which will be incorporated into key national R&D programs to provide long-term and stable support.At present, it is the spring ploughing and planting season, and the mechanized planting of rice in the southern rice region is a big shortcoming of the whole mechanization of grain production in China. How to give full play to the advantages of mechanized planting in the southern region?Recently, agricultural NongCunBu printed “on a solid southern paddy planting mechanization work advance notice, request based on the modernization of agriculture and rural areas and agriculture and rural areas departments at various levels to ensure national food security goal task, outstanding way of mechanized transplanting, more measures and speed up the completion model, for the mechanization of rice yield production to provide support.Farmers control wheat head blight in baihu Town, Lujiang County, Hefei city, East China’s Anhui province, March 24, 2019.Farmers in the fields of Huizhou, Guangdong province, are already busy laying the foundation for the New Year’s agricultural production.Agriculture to yield science and technology to help, all kinds of agricultural mechanization equipment exhibition “skill”, for agricultural high-quality development with a pair of “wings”.Early rice seeds into the drone, boot, take off, sowing, less than ten minutes, more than 1 mu of rice sowing work was completed.”We plan to plant nearly 2,000 mu of rice this year, and the spring farming work is progressing in an orderly manner.”According to Liu Junpeng, head of Shuangfengyu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., Longmen County, Huizhou city, the enterprise through the “enterprise + cooperative + base + farmers” industrialization model, to provide farmers with machine tillage, machine transplanting and other services, greatly improved the efficiency of spring sowing.”The promotion of mechanization is conducive to improving labor productivity and speeding up the production schedule of spring ploughing.”In 2022, the area planned for spring ploughing and planting is 1.5799 million mu, an increase of 29,000 mu over the previous year, said an official from the Huizhou Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.Embellish spring ploughing financial “living water” do not miss farming farming plows broken soil spring ploughing, financial “living water” embellish spring seedlings.In the paddy fields of Duhuangxin village, Fengqiao town, Zhuji City, Lou Fukang, a big rice farmer, is more confident than ever about this year’s harvest.Last year, continuous heavy rainfall weather, so that Lao Lou rice field suffered serious flooding disaster, heavy losses.”I was in urgent need of funds to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials this year. I couldn’t eat or sleep well during those days.””Said Lou fukang.After learning of the situation of the old building, the local rural commercial bank on the same day in its original 50,000 yuan loan basis, an increase of 150,000 yuan to help rural credit loans, but also enjoy discount interest policy.”With such a strong backing, the hope of a good harvest this year has greatly increased.”Lou fu Kang’s joy was palpable.”This year, five billion yuan of special credit funds have been earmarked to support village-level economic development, and a total of 838 million yuan has been granted to 223 administrative villages to enrich and assist them.”The head of the local rural commercial bank said.Farm aid agencies guide farmers on spring ploughing.It is not just Lou Fukang that has received financial support.In Kezuohouqi, Inner Mongolia, villager Bateer said: “If it wasn’t for Zhonghe Nongxin, my 100 mu of land would have been wasted this year.”Before, he thought fertilizer was too expensive this year, so he wanted to wait and see. But when he visited dozens of agricultural stores, he found that the price was much higher than in previous years. Finally, the agricultural aid agency helped him solve the big problem.”In the past, they just provided loans. Now they even help solve the fertilizer problem and deliver it to my home. I feel relieved.””Battelle said.”The financial sector has played an important role in key areas such as grain production, farmland protection, seed industry revitalization and agricultural materials production and circulation during the crucial season of spring ploughing preparation.”Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Financial and Development Laboratory, believes that fertile fields are also “hot land” for financial services. Allocating more financial resources to key areas and weak links in rural areas, innovating financial products and optimizing financial services can better meet the needs of spring farming production and lay a solid foundation for the annual grain harvest.To ensure a good harvest of summer grain, we need to ensure the implementation of agricultural benefit policies and ensure the reliable quality of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs and other means of production.In the 2022 national agricultural materials anti-counterfeiting special governance action video conference, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that to do a good job in 2022 agricultural materials anti-counterfeiting work, we should adhere to the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, the combination of anti-counterfeiting, territorial management, department coordination, effectively standardize the agricultural materials market order, for food security and the quality and safety of agricultural products escort.After the “Awakening of Insects”, Wuhan, Hubei Province, law enforcement officers 365 times, the seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and other agricultural production enterprises and stores to carry out a dragnet investigation, the investigation of the six problems of the investigation ordered rectification, two suspected of illegal clues launched according to law.In Jingzhou city, relevant departments launched the “Spring Thunder” campaign to crack down on fake agricultural materials, and strengthened supervision over agricultural materials production enterprises, distribution centers of agricultural materials, planting and breeding production bases, main production areas of vegetable basket products and rural floating agricultural materials vendors in central urban areas.”This year, relevant departments will strengthen law enforcement to handle cases, innovate the way of agricultural materials supervision, strengthen the control of the online sale of fake and inferior agricultural materials, and jointly carry out the ‘net’ campaign against fake agricultural materials.”The responsible person of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that we should adhere to the linkage of inspection and execution, and make efforts in quick inspection, deep digging and hard fighting.”At the same time, agricultural and rural departments will carry out a campaign to ensure that agricultural materials are sent to rural areas and villages. During the peak season of purchasing and using agricultural materials and key farming seasons, we will go to the fields to spread the knowledge of detecting and identifying fake agricultural materials and guide farmers to purchase and use them rationally.”The person in charge said.Cuckoo flying advised early ploughing, pinging while spring sunny.In the spring, a figure of labor begins to outline the beauty of the year’s grain harvest.No matter from the policy of benefiting farmers or to the guarantee of agricultural materials and machinery, spring farming “assembly call” is being sounded around the country.Share so that more people can see