Wuxi Mobile will do its best to guarantee the CCTV network special line during the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics

2022-07-03 0 By

With the gradual pace of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, wuxi Mobile’s Spring Festival communication guarantee work is in full swing, making full preparations for the smooth network of CCTV network TV during the festival.CCTV International Network Wuxi Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the client) fully undertakes the video database cloud platform of China Network Television (CNTV), and supports national new media integrated broadcast and control of China IPTV, China Internet TV, Network TV, mobile TV, mobile TV and so on.Platform in order to meet the peak period of Internet use on the bearing capacity of the network of higher requirements, the wuxi mobile carried out during the Spring Festival “retainer” action, early planning, deployment, network optimization work with the customers, to carry out the double routing in advance several rounds of testing and optimization, maintenance inspection, has now completed related security preparations.During the following Winter Olympics, Wuxi Mobile relied on the comprehensive network monitoring platform to implement 7×24 hours network operation monitoring, and timely dispatch and deal with anomalies to ensure network stability and provide reliable guarantee for the traffic peak of “Internet TV”.Members of Wuxi Mobile Said that in 2022, the world will witness the close combination of the Olympic spirit and the excellent traditional Chinese culture, its importance is self-evident, we must let the public enjoy the Winter Olympics in peace during the Spring Festival.