Be on your guard in the Year of the Tiger

2022-07-04 0 By

The year of the tiger came to the new Spring Festival busy together play laugh laugh against fraud fraud prevention to remember one year hard mo in vain don’t for a baby do not guard against heaven when faced fish pie high rebate only painted flowers resist temptation traps the year of the tiger fraud prevention you most in the process of such scams, a liar will use camouflage telecoms operator number, send the victim with fishing link fraud SMS,Lure the victim to enter a series of sensitive personal information including ID card and credit card on the phishing web page, and then in the name of the need to install security controls on the web page, lure the victim to download a “Trojan horse” on the mobile phone.The main function of this “Trojan horse” is to make the user’s mobile phone unable to receive the verification message sent by the relevant bank through formal channels.A fraudster can successfully use online banking or mobile banking to steal a victim’s credit card by using a credit card account number, password, three digits on the back of the card and a mobile verification code.In this type of scam, the scammer uses the account of a beautiful woman’s avatar to find the victim through popular social networking software.When the victim believed it to be true, the swindler lured the victim step by step to play “naked chat”, and then let the victim log in a certain App through a specific link on the grounds that the social software was too slow.This kind of App is not normal software, its background Trojan program will actively record the victims in the address book.Once the victim “naked chat”, the swindler will send information to the victim: one is the victim naked chat screenshots, another is the victim’s phone address book number screenshots.More terrible is, the swindler sent voice chat, the victim has always considered the “beauty” is actually male.The swindler issued “just for money, do not want to destroy your reputation”, “spend money to eliminate disaster”, “can not talk well, immediately let you naked chat screenshots in the address book list above one by one” and other threatening blackmail discourse, requiring the victim to spend money to settle the matter.Once the victim feels that after turning money really can settle, then deep-set set at this point, be forced to turn money constantly by cheater.In this type of fraud, the scammer will use the website pop-up ads and other ways to publish a sweep code raffle trap.Once the victim believed it to be true, scan the code to the cheat preset lottery page, no matter how the victim click, in this web page can “draw the prize”.The victim would then receive a text message asking for access to a linked website and enter sensitive personal information, citing the need to send the prize.As soon as the victim complete information input, thought can sit back and wait for gift “heaven”, actually cheat has used these personal information and advance trojans, hidden in the web site easily will be the victim of money in an account for your own, and in just a few minutes, through a variety of ways to make the money on several accounts in several Banks to dozens of times, finally remitted abroad,It’s hard to get back.In the process of such fraud, the swindler posts advertisements on various online dating platforms to earn commissions by brushing. After the victim takes the bait, the swindler quickly returns the promised shopping principal and brushing commission under the guise of brushing a low-priced product.Follow this process once or twice to gain the victim’s trust.After winning the trust, the swindler requires the victim to continue shopping online brushing orders, with the higher the unit price of brushing goods, the higher the commission as bait, to induce the victim to invest more principal.At this point, the swindler began to find a variety of excuses to delay the payment of principal and commission, with a variety of system cards, transfer delay, account freeze and other reasons to let the victim continue to increase investment, resulting in large property losses.(Source: Police through Train Shanghai)