Bright Land is the dream of Shanghai Yuanzu Dream World

2022-07-04 0 By

In the reinforced concrete city, carefully build a fantastic and novel forest community for children, will bring children a close to nature, happy childhood.Recently, Bright Land has landed in Shanghai and successfully entered Yuanzu Dream World. A grand groundbreaking ceremony was held.Bright Land will be officially opened on Children’s Day this year, and children will enjoy the unique charm of the forest community.Bright Land is a one-stop family growth center, a fun world specially designed for children. It integrates fun, exploration, education and adventure into one, with a variety of creative gameplay and ultra-high level of appearance. In particular, the refreshing concept of forest community is worth looking forward to.Entering the Yuanzu Dream World, Bright Land Yaoxin Island is committed to creating 5,000 square meters of super-large theme exploration space and building a one-floor forest community simulation experience station to fully stimulate children’s infinite potential.The weekly DIY creative craft workshop, the unrestrained VR art wall and other wonderful activities will broaden children’s horizons, enlighten their wisdom and witness their growth.In addition, there are healthy and delicious parent-child restaurants and exclusive party rooms with different styles to meet various needs of parties and dining. One-stop eating and drinking and sharing parent-child happy times.Bright Land yaoxin Island coincides with the business philosophy of Yuanzu Dream World. In the future, we will exploit greater development space based on this large-scale theme park.Yuanzu Dream World is a dream paradise specially designed for Chinese children by architect Tadao Ando. With the vision of “hands-on dreaming”, yuanzu Dream World is committed to providing children aged 3-10 with a new world of extracurricular growth integrating parent-child, entertainment, experience and interaction.Now after many years of grinding, tuples dream world have four seasons of ice and snow park, zero carbon curling clubs, space research institute, the ride home equestrian club, world music, children’s theater, at the bow and the word was with hi boxing experience center, rich project experience, focus on through fun activities and interactive practice, cultivate their social, explore five quality, health, art and creativity,Promote all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty and labor.Bright Land’s strong participation in yaoxin Island this year will further enrich the exploration space of Yuanzu’s dream world and create more immersive interactive learning experiences for children to enjoy their childhood in the dream forest community.With the implementation of “double reduction”, many parents’ educational concepts have undergone fundamental changes, and they begin to pay more attention to the overall development of children. Therefore, children’s amusement parks that combine education with fun are becoming more and more popular.Bright Land has entered the Yuanzu Dream World. Our strong alliance will bring more laughter and fun to Chinese families and make children grow up happily through education.