DK only won two games on the new order and then lost: I only played 30% of my strength, not my real ability

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Leader: LCK some players are not honored, but their strength is recognized, such as Chovy and others.Deft has never won a world championship, but team management believes in his ability and even gives deft players a maximum salary for the AD position.Recently DRX won the competition, Deft participated in the “quick answer”, very confident.The host asked him: What is Jinx to you?Deft: I can win if I pick a hero.He’s really good at Jinx, and the players know it.So when the host mentioned Jinx he automatically said he’d win if he picked her.01DK only won two games on the new single and then gone: I only played 30% of the strength of the fans said that Jinx’s gold is Kim Hak-gyu’s gold.Deft has a lot of loyal fans over the years, and it’s not funny to hear him say that.At the same time, another LCK player showed confidence in the interview, he is DK’s new single Burdol.Because of the team on the error, DK almost can not find the right single, can only sign a no results, no popularity of the new player.Burdol was so-so last season, and it was expected that he would be able to improve in DK under the guidance of a top coach.As a result, the DK of the spring game gave us a “surprise”, losing to GEN and NS two teams in succession.At that time, everyone was trying to persuade DK management to find a new order, burdol and Hoya really difficult task.Both players were forced to sign on the road, rotation is useless.Team lost that time, fans to DK management some bad ideas, let them go to niubao door stand in front of a few days, the best canyon and Xu Xiu, maybe niubao accidentally softhearted.The front office seemed to be doing something. Nuguri was starting to line up a few days ago, and it seemed like he wanted to come back and play.After DK won two games, he lost again and said he only played 30% of his strength.02 The DK doesn’t need the Nuguri yet?In an interview after the win, Burdol said he only showed 30 percent of his strength.We’ve all seen him play these days. That’s 30%. When does it get to 100%?Someone sneered at him: then why don’t you give full play to your strength, is you don’t want to?The implication is that Burdol is not that strong, and that 30% is just a facade.”Hoya is good on the line,” Burdol said of the difference between him and backup Hoya. “He does a good job of controlling the distance.”I was better at regimental combat, better at command.The two have their own strengths, but the current strength of DK has not recovered, Burdol can not prove that he has a hundred percent talent.DK fans aren’t too convinced by Burdol’s words, especially since the title likes their man.Nuguri is the champion, and people want him back to help DK get back to the top.This player just wants to take some time off and the DK vacancy suits him best.There is no shortage of players like Nuguri, but there is no one more eager than DK.DK has fallen to the middle of the LCK due to the lack of availability, not being comparable to GEN and T1.At the beginning of the season, each team will go through a run-in period, after the run-in results will determine how far they can go this year, it seems, DK strength is not far enough to go.I don’t know what you think?