Disease Jiao: his frenzied fundus is full of bloodshot, voice hoarse way: like you again I am a dog!

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Is the Spring Festival holiday still in trouble for the shortage of books?The more I read, the more tired I became.Here are a few classic novels of high quality.Let you quickly into the state of chasing books, get rid of the book shortage situation, so xiaobian painstaking sorting, and everyone’s summary recommendation, let you minute minute fascinated!Lovely little friends must collect oh, nonsense not say much start!Disease Jiao: his furious fundus was full of blood, voice hoarse way: like you again I am a dog!The first: “Zhan ye don’t so irritable” author: Fu Jiu introduce: [absolutely pet sweet fry] she meet before male friend, he furious, “Mulberry, the world so many women Lao Tze if still like you be a dog!”She did not hesitate to turn around, he in the back of a: Wang!Rong Zhan crazy like Sangxia, the world knows.Wonderful content: Disease Jiao: his frenzied fundus is full of bloodshot, voice hoarse way: like you again I am a dog!Why else would he care so much about what Bo Yi said to her?Or else…Why explain all that, uh, sex with her?After all, she had been coerced into his hands by his threats and controlled by him, and if he had really taken her as a plaything, he would not have said so much to her, because she was just a pastime.What owner cares how a plaything feels?But……He isn’t.He said bad things to her after others, will be angry, will mind, even will be like now, in the dark, do not let her see his expression, depressed and explain.His heart was uncomfortable, and his face was determined not to expose his appearance to the light.So, wasn’t he anyway, sort of…Like yourself?This knowledge, however, does not make Sanxia happy.Instead like an invisible noose, tied her, let her breathe difficult, because she does not like Rong Zhan, she also waiting for Rong Zhan to play enough of her good to let go.And what if he had once liked himself, how would she ever be free??Sangxia eyes flashing, if really like, she does not know how to do.(Click below to read for free) Second book: “This idol dangerous Oh” author: small ye this ye introduction: she is the national idol, he is her idol.Root is miao Red punishment falls xi, with a serialized novel, accidentally fire a complete mess.Professor Fu Yan-cheng, a genius of criminal psychologists, can only see the flowers of Gaoling, which can not be obscene and play from a distance. After meeting the punishment, the flowers of Gaoling said that the flowers must be broken.Jin Ling put her hands on Yang Hao’s shoulders and said, “…I ordered a cake from the Black Forest house on the fourth floor. I was so anxious to find Yuhan that I didn’t notice…Probably left it at the front desk in Dreamland.”Fu Yan-cheng “oh” 1, saw the eye punishment falls xi.”I’ll go to the front desk.”Moments later, he came running back with a box of strawberry cake.Kim Said, This is it.Fu Yan-cheng took one look, then lost interest and turned to Yang Dong-sheng. “Mr. Yang works for your brother, Yang Wenbin, right?”Yang Dongsheng’s eyes flashed, way: “Yes, eldest brother is the company’s artist overall planning director, I am responsible for checking the artist’s contract.Oh.Fu Yan-cheng should be faint again, and then in the eyes of the people doubt, turned around and walked.Punishment fell xi hurriedly appease Yang Dongsheng family: “the police have sent dogs, to find Yang Yuhan, there will be clues at any time, also hope that the family can cooperate with us, temporarily stay here.Yang Dongsheng and Jin Ling almost attack of anger this to calm down, said that must cooperate.As for Yang Hao, still trembling with trepidation.Punishment fell xi thoughtfully turned around, but saw Fu Yancheng suddenly stopped, sideways, deep bottomless eyes straight to Yang Hao.Your mom goes to the bathroom for five or six minutes, and you, as a cousin, don’t you think about taking care of your cousin?Yang Hao was shocked by the stare, his head in his hands, his tall, thin body curled together like a snail, incoherent and broken.I was watching her!I told her, when I finished a game of dead or alive, to accompany her to play golden cicada fishing……And she said yes…I don’t know why she’s gone…”(Click below to read it for free.)In the memory of waiting for you “author: Five ye introduction: she inadvertently famous, endure hardships just to regain all that belongs to her, he coldly look on, let her see the world 100 conditions, suffer from the sordidness of the situation, she tried to get close to the target, he left no stone unturned again and again of the destruction,He weaves for her to fall in love with her false appearance wonderful content: this kind of happy who is not happy to be disturbed interest, Ye Ziyan action was interrupted by the phone, hand grabbed the phone is ready to shut down, but when see the screen above the name, he let go of the xu Peipei.It was Muan!This is the first time mu ‘an took the initiative to call him, after returning from vacation villa Ye Ziyan originally wanted to delete her phone, but then hesitated to give up.Leaf Ziyan clearly very angry mu ‘an, clearly has been ready to kick her out of his life, but when he saw her after the phone unexpectedly answered.He wanted to see why she was calling him in the middle of the night.It was a pity that the voice on the phone was not Mu ‘an’s, but the polite voice of a strange man. He told Ye Ziyan that Mu ‘an was drunk in a bar and he wanted to contact her friend to pick her up and take her home. Because there were only two numbers in her phone, one of them could not get through, so he called him.Ye Ziyan suspected he heard wrong, mu an’s mobile phone only have two numbers, and he was one of them?It showed what, that his position in her heart was not at all dispensable as he thought, but had risen to a high level.This idea makes Ye Ziyan inexplicable joy, he promised the man to take her immediately, hung up the phone to find Xu Peipei is waiting for him on the sofa.Xu Peipei looked at his eyes with hope, but tonight she is doomed to be disappointed, Ye Ziyan love patted her face, said there was something urgent to go out, let her go back, and then immediately change clothes left.See Leaf Ziyan leave, Xu Peipei angrily threw the pillow above the sofa on the ground.(Click below to read for free) All of the above novels I really recommend, some netizens contribute recommendations, we pay close attention to me, more beautiful novel wonderful recommendation, I hope you don’t miss it.If you have better recommendations, welcome to contribute comments, I will continue to recommend better books to you.Looking forward to your precious message.Look back in time;She reborn 80 into abandon female, niang not kiss uncle does not love, from now on dress up as a pig to eat a tiger, abuse slag bucket top grade!Through: she through the ancient times, and then open eyes into the princess, life save the dying and heal the wounded universal sentient beings!Ancient saying: he carried the space through the ancient times, the space has another universe, to help him become the Lord of the sacred domain!Paranoid brother is big guy, he cold and proud paranoid belly black, meet the girl will blush heart beat!