How to spend Valentine’s Day?Rookie sweet, Doinb sad, 09 directly killing heart

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Preface: Time came to February, nature is little about the topic of Valentine’s day, so this issue of our theme is to see how famous e-sports people spend valentine’s day.Play the game?That may not be true, esports people are not romantic, let’s take a look.Based on the length of the article, only 3 groups of CP are selected in this issue.First of all, Rookie and xiaoyu are a pair of Rookie and xiaoyu. They are famous in the whole LOL field. The man is talented and the woman is beautiful.They have always been “sweet” to the outside world, and this time they are still sweet to the end.The so-called shallow Valentine’s Day, is the 7 a.m. WB sprinkling sugar?But the fans still buy it, this wave of dog food is eaten, also hope that this pair of sweet CP can continue to go.Then there’s Doinb and Sugar, who have been married for several years.With LPL racing on the one hand and Valentine’s Day on the other, it’s definitely a dilemma.He tweeted that he was too embarrassed to ask valentine’s Day before the game to take a break, but after we won, he asked the team for 3 hours to meet his wife!This is not a double harvest of love and business, and LNG is still in a successful state, worth looking forward to.09 online completion of the “kill the heart”, skills too fierce to hide the two active players, say another retired player for many years, 2009.Dionysus doesn’t tweet once in months, and the first thing it does is make a barrage go off.”My wife just used Douyin to give a 19-year-old man a gift of several hundred yuan, and his friends recognized her,” he said. “Do I feel insulted by that?”At first glance, the fans thought something was wrong, and they clicked into the comments. The top result was the comment of the sister-in-law, and the screenshot showed the transfer of Dionysus 6666.This wave was also shouted too much by fans, this is to trick people into “killing”, it is true that some killing heart taste.Of course, after seeing these sadistic scenes above, you might as well take a look at the happy scenes.For example, WBG club organized players to take some photos to celebrate valentine’s Day together. After all, many players don’t have girlfriends, and it’s not easy to have a holiday, which is also a blessing to fans.It’s just that everyone is “paired off”, but when it comes to Theshy, it’s half a heart.This is also the micro blog is too good, maybe it is specially reserved for fans to take photos.Conclusion: I don’t know how you feel after reading the above, whether you feel a trace of “malicious” in this world, single friends can be too difficult.I don’t know what you will do on valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival.Please share your stories in the comments section.