New Year promotion maoming Jinlun store crown road limited time comprehensive discount 21800 yuan

2022-07-04 0 By

22 years old brand store, honest management, quality assurance, service first, rest assured to buy.Guangqi Honda flagship car guan Dao off the line on sales hot!Guandao limited time discount up to 15000 yuan +6800 yuan boutique gift package;Welcome to make an appointment to the store to see the car: (1) make an appointment to the store test drive gift;② Any brand replacement guangqi Honda designated models, to enjoy a subsidy of 5000 yuan;③ Old customers can get 1000 yuan comprehensive voucher for successful car purchase;④ Convenient and fast loan (ID card, driver’s license), down payment as low as 20%.Click the table below to get more discounts!For more information, please visit GaC Honda Maoming Jinlun store or for more information: 0668-2523888 Address: No. 288 Gaoshui Road, Maoming City (inside Jinning Motor City) Activity time: February 9, 2022 to February 9, 2022