This north wind blows snow tiger year, spring breeze brings warmth, where is the flavor of the New Year

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It’s snowing at the base.The land was quiet and white, and everything seemed to have hit the pause button.When the little friends had gone home for the Spring Festival, Mai Mai and Baymax spent the winter warm in their garden wooden house.After experiencing the bumpy road of airplanes, high-speed trains, multiple means of transportation and high-speed traffic jams, XIAobian can truly feel the steadiness and stability when stepping on his native land. Ho, finally home.Recently taking advantage of the annual holiday, many friends are also idle down.Two days ago, one of my friends took a photo of her puppet tiger and shared it with me.At the sight of that delicate little object.My memory was suddenly flashed back more than a decade.During the Spring Festival of childhood, children always get a lot of candy and small tiger patterns made by female elders in the family, sometimes on the toe of shoes, sometimes on the hat, the small tiger places on the elders’ wish for the healthy growth of this group of little dolls and resist evil spirits.Father would write a bright red couplet and paste it on the front and back doors. The bold black characters are powerful and powerful, and the paper with red background and gold foil is particularly dazzling and lively with joy.The elders of the family come together and sit around the table to make dumplings.Fireworks were not banned at that time, and on New Year’s Eve families would light boxes of fireworks.Looking at the sky gorgeous fireworks, the second floor qi hung red lanterns, night lights bright.This is my deepest impression of the past.In the future, with the study, employment, more and more time away from home, for the New Year’s day is also less and less, until boring.To be honest, the Spring Festival nowadays lacks a lot of the flavor of the New Year.Old people often feel that today’s Gala is not as good as before.Spring night a piece of strange and young faces, most do not belong to their era, even the performance of the form of performance is increasingly difficult to understand.Perhaps the program saw half, everyone have picked up the phone began to grab red envelopes.Zhao Benshan, who has been on the Spring Festival Gala for 20 years in a row, also receded into the background.The Gala seems to have really become background music.As a child, it is traditional for families to get together to have glutinous rice cakes.Women in charge of soaking and cooking glutinous rice, wash stone ground and wooden hammer, the strength of the men cried out, the room, you are a hammer me a hammer for glutinous rice in stone ground hammer into delicate dumpling made of glutinous rice, and we in the hall door, romping kids running around, will be curious to learn elders, hand wipe on egg yolk reduce glutinous rice, sticky or sitting or standing in a few ahead,The glutinous rice dumplings knead into a ball, hand harder poop-poop clap with round the racket into the pie.Glutinous rice is steamed on a steaming stove, and the glutinous rice cake is neatly hung on the side with a dustpan.Finally ushered in the last process, with sunflower fruit crushed and mixed with water to make a natural edible dark red pigment, with the family’s special wood stamp pattern to each white zi ba in turn stamped, red and white, very beautiful.Completed zi ba or steamed or fried or baked, for me, are the most earthly flavor.About one or two weeks later, these hometown specialties will take different means of transportation with the blessing and care of their relatives, to the motherland.Another special custom is making peasant tofu.In after off-year to big years ago this time, grandma will arrive early, ready to plaster gauze and clean, soak cooking good good beans will pour into the stone mill, stone mill babbling away, noting to turn up, ivory pulp slowly down to the stone mill already prepared in strong wooden drums of mouth, through a series of gauze after sieving and add gypsum, yellow soybean milk through the magic of chemical conversion,Become a pot of steaming tender and smooth tofu flowers.Whenever the bean curd out of the pot, I did not care about the boiling hot, scratch my head, blow and blow, picked up a bowl full of bean curd, doused with a spoonful of white sugar, snow goose feather outside the house, the bowl of bean curd piled up half melted crystal transparent “white sugar snow mountain”, the two set each other off.A mouthful, full of happiness.My bean curd is sweet, due to the difference between the north and the south and the different local customs, give a variety of ways to eat bean curd, about the sweet and salty fight, don’t know what you there fans?After making tofu curd, a series of processes, such as squeezing water and frying, can be made into water tofu, oily tofu and other foods that are easy to store.Whether it is to do zi ba or tofu, these seem very complicated and waste of time, but it is the most precious part of my memory of the New Year, although things are not expensive, but the mind contained in it is now industrialized society can be mass-produced expensive gifts of tobacco and alcohol can not be replaced.New Year’s day is small indeed lucky, is a family to do a small thing together, together to do delicious food;Stick paper-cuts together, write the word “fu”;Perhaps, it is nothing but sitting quietly by the stove, listening to grandma and grandpa chatting stories of their youth in the crackling of the wood fire…Thinking back to the present, the Spring Festival of 2022, people are still afraid to walk around.At the end of the year, the virus seems to be making a comeback against KPI.Why is the Flavor of New Year fading?Perhaps it is because the material conditions of life have become abundant compared with those of poorer times;Maybe it’s because technology is becoming more advanced and there are more things to catch people’s attention.Perhaps with the aging or even death of the old people, the traditional folk customs are gradually disappearing without inheritance;Perhaps people’s independence and individuality have become stronger, and social collective ideology has weakened.Whatever the reason, do the little things we can. Listen to Dad talk about the great things he did when he was a teenager without interrupting, just look at the little proud look on his face.Go to the kitchen and mother together to choose vegetables, usually always mother remember what we love to eat, this New Year, to do her love to eat food;Accompany grandpa to play tai chi together, and grandma to dance square together, maybe we dance poorly, but in grandma’s heart, grandson/granddaughter dance must be the best in the room;For the family, we do not have to return home, a plain clothes often, as long as the safe return is good, give family a little company, more than countless beads, jade, gold and silver.Dear fans, I wish you and your family peace and happiness wherever you spend the New Year.The end of the year will come, salute the winter sui;Peace and joy, everything is better than meaning.Pay attention to zhuhai-Macao flower life, always learn what you want to know about flowers!Think the article is good, a like or forward is also very good!To encourage!Persistence is a kind of belief, concentration is an attitude!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to zhuhai-Macao flower life!