Why is Gu’s success unrepeatable?

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Gu Ailing out of the circle, like half a year ago the full red chan, instantly between the big red.And full red chan, popular after gu Ailing is also widely concerned, what family, be fond of, growth experience and so on, all in a glance.People marvel at Gu Ailing’s comprehensiveness and excellence, a “xiu er” that looks 360 degrees without dead Angle, and just because of her gorgeous and colorful, let a simple sports, accidentally become an educational topic.It’s just that you’re a gifted athlete, but you’re a good student, and you’re a Stanford student.Pretty and lovely is just, incredibly also skills more pressure body, playing and singing all proficient.On the contrary, the whole red chan in general, this dream to the zoo to see a 14-year-old child, in addition to diving talent, other seem to lack, and even a lot of people are worried about her, every day bubble in the pool of her, not too much time to read, do not jump later how to do?Gu Is really excellent.People are eager to find out how she was brought up, and even many people aite Guailin mother urged her to publish a book of parenting experience to teach everyone how to educate children.Can Gu’s success be replicated?The answer is no.As a parent, you may feel guilty when you see Gu Ailing’s parents, because before copying “Gu Ailing’s child”, you should first copy “Gu Ailing’s parents”. Gu’s father is a harvard graduate, and her mother is a bachelor and master’s degree student at Peking University, and later entered Stanford university.Look, that’s the threshold alone, and it’s gonna knock a lot of parents off their feet.As for Gu Ailing’s ancestors, they are more outstanding than ordinary people.The distance between an ordinary person and Gu Ailing is more than a Stanford mom and a Harvard dad.For Gu Ailing’s success, many people have analyzed and analyzed, but the reason is not so complicated. In six words, we can sum up that “a good seed meets a fertile soil”, and factors such as family, class and culture behind it are indispensable.I believe there are many excellent children like Gu Ailing, but it is hard to say whether they can be as lucky as gu And have so many factors at the same time.Without good conditions, even the best seedlings may become waste wood.In addition to snow sports, Gu Also likes archery, rock climbing, surfing, horseback riding, piano and other sports and musical arts. Let’s take a look and pick out any one of them. Most children have never played or seen anything.A ticket, and the cost of an experience, is enough to scare off many.So if your child has these areas of athleticism, do they have a chance to be shown and released?Full red chan after the Olympic champion, a reporter asked her what desire, the 14-year-old child blurted out, said he thought of the zoo to see, this is her dream from the age of 4.To see the zoo, a normal can not be normal again, in the full red chan there actually became a dream for 10 years, how sad ah.Is quan Hong Chan training too busy to have time?Not necessarily.Mother is sick in bed all the year round, brother goes to school early to go out to work, father is busy making a living every day, every dollar in their hands, to break off flowers.To be sure, if Quan Hong Chan’s talent had not been discovered by accident, a few years later, she was an ordinary migrant girl.No matter how good talent is, if it is not nurtured by family, it may be betrayed.Here’s an example from around me.In my hometown village, there was a family with two sons and two daughters. The third son and I were classmates in primary school.He is very general in learning, but the flexibility and coordination of the body is particularly good, he often gives us in the break between the front somersault back somersault, in the playground is a hundred meters, the waist is like a spring, all kinds of movements arbitrary bending, but also extremely beautiful stretch.He clutched his hands together and walked in front of him and behind him like he was playing.At the time, we were just surprised by how different he was and didn’t think much about it.Looking back now, if someone had discovered his talent and practiced it in a professional team, he might have had a good career in gymnastics.But his gift was handed over to cattle and sheep before he even finished fifth grade.In addition, their eldest brother is also a freak, on the three years of primary school at home to write novels, but also write while drawing, with the way of comic writing novels, and then bound into a series of comic books, to our school gate to rent us, a two cent money.We used to sit around him and listen to stories, thinking he was reading them from books, but he was making them up.But even with all that talent, I’m still single.The people of our village lamented that these four children were encumbered by their families. If they had grown up in a normal family, they would have been more or less successful.Their family was in poor condition, with little income other than farming a few acres of land, and often had no meal to eat.We never saw her go out of the house. Father stayed at home most of the time except for working in the fields, and his children rarely communicated with the outside world.Why can’t Gu’s success be replicated?Because this is a two-way perfect result.Family excellent parents, help their children’s choice and talent, excellent children, help their parents’ education success.Both are indispensable.Gu’s success is more unique.In addition to family factors, there are educational methods in different cultural backgrounds.The vast majority of parents would rather let their children brush questions without rest, rather than accompany them to go out to play a few crazy times, the cost of money is small, delay learning is big.Every child, may be suitable for a certain industry in 360 lines, but they can not try one by one, children with good family conditions, can try a lot of opportunities, so to find their own good at the opportunity will be much more than other children.On the other hand, if talent is mediocre, even a good family is useless.In fact, to give children a choice, this is a very high threshold of education, not every family have.When parents talk about “other people’s children” again, should they also think about “other people’s parents” first?So, do not believe the “same starting line” this kind of words, although the starting line is the same, can ride the tools of the world different ah, you even bolt, but also run the sports car.Since parents cannot improve their own abilities, the best way is to lower their expectations for their children.Your strength can not match the poem and the distance, then put a flat state of mind to grasp the current struggle.– — the END — —