Write fu, paste Spring Festival couplets, “Tiangong” teaching……The first “Space Chinese year”, The Shenzhou 13 crew so

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How did the Shenzhou 13 crew celebrate the Chinese Year in space?Go to see the left left left the astronauts in the space of the first lunar New Year ceremony full of the feeling of couplets, everyone is dressed up out of the station Zhai zhigang, ya-ping wang, Ye Guangfu began a haircut Ye Guangfu for zhai zhigang haircuts Precious ya-ping wang with a professional camera to record video On the afternoon of New Year’s eve The astronauts video calls with his family New hair style with new clothesYe Guangfu also changed into a festive red Tang suit and had a happy interaction with his family. As night fell, the lights came on and the astronauts began to prepare for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. They shared the delicious dumplings floating.The lunar New Year’s Eve dinner in the weightlessness of space is fantastic and joyful. Astronauts stay up to watch The Lunar New Year Gala while drinking juice and enjoying the “cultural feast” in the most comfortable positionIs space “business trip” shenzhou 13 astronauts will science experiment combined with elements of the Olympic Games Using chemical reaction To create the Olympic rings in space As the master ya-ping wang teacher Responsible for the project operation Commander zhai zhigang is responsible for the video shooting Ye Guangfu aside to help a piece of transparent plate decorated with five rings, and three different kinds of colorless solution,Three kinds of acid-base indicator Combined with several other solution Under the skilled operation of ya-ping wang Blue, black, red, yellow, green, in turn, present perfectly the colors of the five Olympic rings left left left under the condition of weightlessness The free floating liquid will not spilling out of the Olympic rings This experiment will neutralise elements, chemical science, and combining the unique space microgravity environmentWang Yaping said that with the company of the Five Olympic rings, astronauts in the space station can feel the thick atmosphere of the Winter Olympics. Let’s look forward to the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics to cheer for the Winter Olympics athletes!