Xindun Good News: Won the “First Prize” of individual welder Skill Competition and the “third Prize” of group

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February 18, ganzhou district new town 3 players representing the town to participate in the district “winter no leisure · big catch project” labor and skills competition and welder skills competition, after fierce competition, the town’s south zha village player Comrade Xu Lijun won the individual “first prize”, the new town team won the group “third prize”.Nanzha village Xu Lijun, Baita village Wang Zigang, Beiguan village Qi Rui this competition assessment of professional comprehensive ability, and to the composite technology skilled personnel training to play a demonstration and guidance role, the competition questions include theoretical and practical questions.The theory test mainly tests the contestants’ basic knowledge of welding and their handling of special situations in daily welding process.The actual operation requires each contestant to complete the test items according to the specified time and rules.The competition scene, the flow of light, sparks, the players holding welding guns, wearing protective cover, concentrating on spot welding, focusing on their own works in front of the full display of their superb skills and good mental outlook.It is reported that in recent years, new town adhere to the overall direction of urban-rural integration development, in the cohesion of land expropriations and demolition at the same time, adhere to the coordinated promotion of land-lost people resettlement, up to now, the town has been completed resettlement community 41 238 6471 sets of housing, resettlement of 19,210 people, supporting the construction of 3,610 commercial stores 158,000 square meters.Based on the relocation of the landless people to find employment, vigorously carry out various labor training such as cooking, green chemical industry and manual knitting. With an investment of more than 600,000 yuan, binhe New Area labor development service Center covering an area of 600 square meters with complete functions such as recruitment and training has been built through PPP cooperation mode.At present, the 82 communes in 10 villages in the town’s urban planning area have cultivated 387 self-employed households of various types, with 5,422 employees in construction and sales and 302 in public welfare positions. The employment rate of the landless people in the town has reached 78.8%, and nearly 80% of the landless farmers have achieved stable transfer employment.Text and text: Xing Xuejiao Editor: Xing Xuejiao Review: Xing Xuejiao