Zhang Jike recognized the United States female network celebrity apprentice, draw onlookers from soccer skills, personally teach patience

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Recently, famous beauty online celebrity hooligan Baby posted a video on her personal social media platform showing her skills with Zhang jike, which attracted the attention of most netizens.In the video, Zhang made an appointment with rogue children to play table tennis outdoors.They agreed that if the rogue children lost, they would become Zhang’s apprentices.Rascal proposed and Zhang Jike to play without the ball.She said that masters like her and Zhang knew the position and Angle of the ball when swinging, so they didn’t need the ball, and Zhang readily agreed.The two posed without the ball, and a heated match began.The game also attracted aunts and uncles walking around the community, everyone also stopped to watch Zhang jike and Riffraff without the ball battle.Their match ended with Zhang jike winning and fulfilling his pre-match promise, shyly calling Zhang Jike master.Before the two people separated, Zhang Jike also took out a table tennis ball from his pocket to Ruffian, and told her to go home to practice.Zhang later posted updates on his social media platform about the apprentice’s follow-up actions.Riffraff came to Play table tennis with Zhang Jike in a convertible sports car.Zhang gave him a warm welcome.After a period of research, they walked into the practice area, laughing and talking.Zhang Jike took out the car keys on the table tennis, and promised to ruffian, if ruffian small a ball can knock off the car keys, racket and car to ruffian small.Sure enough, not out of Zhang Jike expected, rascal even four balls did not play.Zhang Jike picked up the beat to ruffian demonstration.He saw Zhang’s ball hit the car key in an instant, narrowly missing the rebound.However, Zhang still escaped with great sensitivity, worthy of the title of world champion.Ruffian is an active online celebrity on various platforms, with more than 10 million followers.The dream connection with Zhang has also caught the attention of many netizens.However, many netizens regard Olympic champions and Internet celebrities as self-worth.What do you think of this?