Curb new vocational training chaos, need to get rid of certificate worship

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Author: Xiong Bingqi “Lactose intolerance how to drink milk” “Anti-hair loss recipes” “Light fasting to science”…Public dietitians are one of a growing number of niche professions that are being sought after by society’s growing health needs.The reporter found that the new career is favored behind, some training institutions fish eyes mixed beads, with “0 yuan learning” “package take certificate” “graduation recommended high salary work” to attract students, but students “learning”, not only failed to find a job, but also the fee has no door, some people even since the back of the net loan.The confusion surrounding training for new careers has been exposed in the media recently.They all follow the same marketing formula: they portray the bright prospects of a new career, they play up the importance of certifications, and they falsely promise easy access to a high-paying job.The student hands in money to accept training, get certificate after just discovery certificate is not valuable, still have fundamental is to spend money to buy “certificate”, want to rely on certificate to get rich result however “be set pattern”.For this kind of training chaos, strictly strengthen supervision, crack down on the false publicity of institutions, illegal operation, is one thing, but more importantly, the need for practitioners to get rid of blind certificate worship, do not take the certificate too seriously.The professional skill grade certificate of the new profession does not have the so-called “official authority attestation”, nor is it the professional access qualification certificate, but it is a reference for the professional ability of the practitioners to be evaluated by the employer.Professional training and certification should be based on improving one’s professional skills rather than obtaining certificates of little practical value.In recent years, China has been cleaning up illegal examinations, appraisals, training and certification, and promoting efforts to solve the problem of excessive and excessive vocational qualifications, so as to lower the threshold for employment and entrepreneurship.Since 2013, The State Council has examined and approved the cancellation of 434 items of vocational qualifications in seven batches, including 154 professional and technical personnel vocational qualifications and 280 technical personnel vocational qualifications.With very few “profession (type of work) must be relations involved in the public interest or involving national security, public safety, personal health, life and property safety, and must be based on laws and regulations or the State Council decided to” professional requirements set access class professional qualification, practitioners need to take part in the qualification examination for qualification certificate, other professions, cancel the professional qualification examination,Practitioners are not required to obtain a qualification.The evaluation of professional skills of practitioners shall be organized by employers and third-party organizations instead, so as to carry out socialized identification of professional skill levels.According to the National Vocational Qualification Directory (2021 edition), “public dietitian” is not included in the entry category of vocational qualification directory, so there is no public dietitian qualification examination, and the so-called public dietitian qualification certificate.Public dietitian vocational skills examination is organized by employers and social third-party organizations, who can only obtain vocational skills certificate after participating in relevant training and examination.The authority of the certificate does not have so-called “official endorsement”, need to be recognized by the employer.However, training institutions package this as a qualification test, which is directly linked to the relevant occupation, so that practitioners who do not know the difference between occupational access and occupational skill evaluation are confused and fooled.In order to prevent practitioners from being confused by the false propaganda of institutions, they should first have a clear understanding of the vocational qualification for admission and the socialized vocational skills examination.China is promoting the reform of decentralization, regulation and service, but many social public do not understand the reform, still think that all vocational exams, certificates are issued and managed by the government departments, do not understand what is socialized examination.Secondly, we need to change our understanding of academic qualifications, certificates and abilities. Blind textual research is the same as pursuing academic qualifications. It is all about certificates rather than abilities.To promote the healthy development of emerging professions, it is necessary to have high-quality professionals with professional skills. With certificates but no professional ability, this not only discredits the vocational skills examination, but also affects the social image and healthy development of professions.From this point of view, to the healthy development of the industry, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the vocational skill level examination of the industry.(Xiong Bingqi) Source: – review channel