Donghu Comments: The winter Olympics show the confidence of a big country

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Top athletes competed for the “Ice Ribbon” and “Snow Dragon” competitions, and volunteer services made them feel at home. The 24th Winter Olympic Games were held in Beijing, the city of Both Olympics. China has shown to the world its unique charm of confidence, vitality and friendliness.Against the backdrop of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics arrived on time.Tens of thousands of Winter Olympics workers worked day and night to overcome difficulties and turn the blueprint and to-do list of more than 3,000 projects in 51 areas into reality.The Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway was opened to traffic, Olympic venues were completed ahead of schedule, and preparations for the Winter Olympics and local development went hand in hand.China is committed to delivering a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games to the world.Since China won the bid to host the 2015 Winter Olympics, 346 million people across the country have participated in snow and ice sports, achieving the overall goal of 300 million people participating in snow and ice sports.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach praised “this unprecedented achievement will be a significant contribution to the Chinese people and the Olympic Movement as well as the start of a new era of ice and snow sports around the world.”The Chinese spirit and the Olympic flame reflect each other, writing a magnificent Chinese response and creating a moving miracle that amazes the world.Chinese ink paintings, Chinese knots and tit-head shoes convey The Chinese style. Red lanterns, paper-cuts and Spring couplets decorate the Winter Olympics village. Romantic and beautiful ancient poems reflect the Chinese temperament.”Ice Ribbon” is the world’s first winter Olympics venue using carbon dioxide ice-making technology. “Xueruyi” recycled-snow, recycled-low carbon and environmental protection, hydrogen supply chain connected to green Olympics, 5G communication coverage, intelligent robot catering, VR entertainment.Under the five Olympic rings, Chinese traditional culture and modern science and technology are perfectly integrated, ancient wisdom and simple and wonderful complement each other, and the Olympic concept of “green, sharing, open and clean” has reached the hearts of the people.On social media, in front of the camera screen, in the word of mouth of friends coming from afar, in the personal experience of seeing is better than hearing a hundred times, a more real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China is confidently presented to the world.From the “Asian Heroes” in 1990, to the “Beijing Welcomes You” in 2008, to the “Together for the Future” in 2022, sports events have flourished in China. Old and new friends have experienced the rise of major powers and witnessed the enduring friendship.Chinese curlers present badges to American curlers after the match.The sincere Welcome from volunteer “Welcome to China” brought tears to American snowboarder Tessa Moder’s eyes.Japanese journalists obsessed with winter Olympics top flow ice dun dun…The five rings break the ice to break the barriers, the big snow torch platform condenses the name of the world, the micro flame main torch illuminates the Olympic spirit of “higher, stronger, faster and more united”.The MEDALS “Concentric”, the flame “long letter”, the torch “flying”, the unique and brilliant design, the dedication of nearly 20,000 volunteers, the sports spirit of “making the world a better”, has been engraved in the grand history of the Olympic Games for a century, and played a magnificent movement of solidarity, peace and friendship for all mankind.China’s short track speed skating team won the gold medal “everyone wins one block”, Su Yiming’s smart galloping made a surprise, Gu Ailing rocketed to the sky, athletes strive to create history, sports prosperity, national prosperity, national prosperity in the same line.The Beijing Winter Olympics is a window for a major country to show its vigor and confidence and a stage for the people of the world to unite and achieve common prosperity.Let us light up our dreams in speed and passion, make a new chapter in the history of human development through win-win cooperation, and plan a bright future for mankind.Author: Xie Qiao (Yichang, Hubei)