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As early as in 1881, the first electric cars have come out, the human exploration of electric cars, even before the birth of the first car, but limited power battery life problem, until one hundred years later, in 1997, electric cars again return to the field of vision, formally in 2021, the electric displacement has been into the situation, each car companies are starting to expand product lineup,The spring of hybrid car market also followed, that star road as positioned in the “extremely intelligent new national innovation” brand will also lead the new works chasing wind ET-I to participate in!The pre-sale price of Chifeng ET-I is currently 150,000-160,000. There are two models in total, both equipped with 1.5T four-cylinder engine equipped with dual motor drive, with peak torque up to 510N·m, and only 6.8 seconds for 100km acceleration!The comprehensive endurance capacity reaches 1000+ km and the pure electric driving is 105 km. The comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 1L/100km, and the HEV fuel consumption is as low as 4.8L/100km. The daily commuting electricity and long-distance travel oil are used to meet the car demand with ultra-low cost of money and time.Space is also one of the key points. The length, width and height of Chifeng ET-I are 4533/1848/1699mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. The size of the body is more prominent in the same class, which fully meets the use scenarios of daily travel and travel.In terms of appearance, the front design is basically the same as the fuel version of the same door. The sports style is surrounded by four LED light sources, making the whole vehicle look energetic and energetic.The current popular penetrating taillight will also become a bright light at night, full of recognition, shark fin antenna and small tail shape, combined with the two sides of the lower exhaust, to create a full sports atmosphere and a sense of power.Interiors for fuel edition models, two 12.3 inch screen brings a wealth of information display, science and technology feeling of MAX eyes absorption force at the same time, through the foreign air-conditioning outlet design makes the car car echo, retains the rich also avoids the daily use of complex physical buttons, convenient transport experience has always been a primary demand.What needs to be emphasized is the “all-engine super hybrid DHT (special hybrid transmission)” technology, which has the world’s first, China’s first full-function hybrid transmission DHT (special hybrid transmission).Based on this power system, chifeng ET-I has 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds, of which 3 engines represent 1.5T hybrid engine and the layout and two motors in the DHT box. Based on the coordination of the 3 engines, the highest transmission efficiency can reach 97.6%, reaching the same level as the Japanese products!3 gear represents the three physical gear, more gear determines the different road conditions the system can deal with, the largest balance of power and fuel consumption.9 mode is “star nuclear-powered ET -i complete with super mixed” peculiar to the system short for 9 kinds of working mode, which contains the single electric motor, double electric motor, engine drive straight and parallel drive, parking charge, vehicle charging of 9 kinds of driving mode, a variety of combination conditions made it is enough to run efficiently under any scenario, which can get good driving feeling,It also ensures fuel economy.11 speed refers to the way the car engineers are measured in the tens of thousands of data comprehensive analysis, from the selected block a combination of all the car scene, respectively is started, in the low speed, elevated, overtaking, red light, congestion, highway, long-distance travel, mountain, high speed in a variety of road conditions, such as, ice and snow/mud/sand, through a lot of testing, accumulation, analysis,Users can achieve the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency in a full range of scenarios.In addition to the excellent strength of the hardware system, the software also fully reflects the intelligent advantage. “Intelligent travel” technology can carry out intelligent charging, booking charging, booking travel and other functions, so as to reduce the cost of the car to the largest extent.”Dual-core interconnection” technology can also be associated with navigation and power system. Wind-chasing ET-I can judge navigation road conditions intelligentlly and adjust battery power. If it is found that the road ahead is congested, it will be charged in advance.If in the congested route, the automatic use of electric drive, fuel efficient.Chifeng ET-I is equipped with the first “intelligent electronic braking” technology from Bosch IPB1.1 platform in China.Built-in fault self-diagnosis and power monitoring logic, so that braking instantaneous response, intelligent energy recovery, to ensure long endurance;And intelligent pedal mode, low noise and vibration, can be adjusted according to the driver’s habits, more suitable for the driver’s driving habits, but also bring better fuel economy.In terms of configuration, there are more dual-core interconnected intelligent navigation system, SONY audio, 540° panoramic HD video, induction tail door and other configurations, so that you can easily enjoy the car time!As the first hybrid model under The Star Road brand, Chaser ET-I has been worthy of attention from the point of view of the present, with a variety of technologies to achieve ultra-high economy and good power performance, space and appearance have been verified by the market through the fuel version. In addition, there are a variety of car purchase privileges,For example, discount to 8000 yuan, replacement subsidy 5000 yuan, purchase subsidy 3000 yuan (three choices).The first owner and non-operational use can enjoy 6 years or 150,000 km of vehicle quality warranty, three-power system life warranty, engine life warranty!And the first owners enjoy free basic traffic for life.More preferential welfare might as well contact local agency specific understanding one time!