State roll call!Don’t buy!

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On February 8, The State Administration for Market Regulation issued the Notice of 2021 National Supervision and Spot Check on The Quality of Eyewear Products, “H&M “, “UR” and other 45 batches of eyeglasses products failed in spot check.According to the report, in 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation organized the national supervision and spot check of the quality of eyeglasses products.This time, 702 batches of products produced by 702 enterprises were randomly checked, involving 4 kinds of eyeglasses products, such as presbyopia mirror, sunglasses, eyeglasses lens and eyeglasses frame.After inspection, 45 batches of products were found to be unqualified, with a detection rate of 6.4%.Among them, 9.1 percent of sunglasses were found to be defective.A total of 209 batches of sunglasses produced by 209 companies in eight provinces and municipalities were examined, including one batch suspected of being fake and 19 batches found to be substandard, the circular said.Nonconforming items include visible light transmittance, relative deviation of light transmittance, frame requirements (sweat corrosion resistance), lens material and surface quality, and solar UV-A transmittance.According to the analysis of the technical organization, the main reasons for the unqualified are the poor quality of the raw materials selected by the manufacturer, the lax quality control of the purchased lens, the insufficient precision of the manufacturing process, and the products can not meet the design requirements and standard requirements.The nominal manufacturer of the above unqualified sunglasses products involves:Shanghai jas glasses co., LTD., Shanghai HaoQi industry co., LTD., Haynes morris (Shanghai) commercial co., LTD., Shanghai ive glasses co., LTD. Danyang development zone jiahao optical glasses factory taizhou kam lung glasses co., LTD. Taizhou jiaojiang better national wealth glasses factory taizhou jiaojiang east yida glasses factory Wan Zhuo glasses co., LTD., linhai city, taizhou city, glasses factory in taizhou pepperJiang area geely glasses factory taizhou jiaojiang hong yu glasses factory co., LTD. Taizhou linhai city hong ji glasses Carla miro glasses co., LTD., big hong optical (xiamen) co., LTD., xiamen hong HLCC optical technology co., LTD. Xiamen seal has industry &trade co., LTD. Shenzhen heng view glasses co., LTD. Quick fashion (guangzhou) co., LTD. Is the in selectiving examination, in addition to the sunglasses,The failure rate of presbyopia lenses was 6.6%, the failure rate of eyeglasses lenses was 8.0%, and the failure rate of eyeglasses frames was 2.6%.The State Administration of Supervision and Regulation requires that, in accordance with the Provisions of the Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Interim Measures for the Management of Product Quality Supervision and Sampling Inspection, the results of supervision and sampling inspection should be handled well.Seal up and detain the unqualified products according to law, order the enterprises selling the unqualified products to stop selling the same products, comprehensively clean up and dispose of the unqualified products in stock according to law;Order the manufacturer of the unqualified product to stop producing and selling the same product, clarify the rectification requirements, supervise and urge the implementation of the rectification measures, and organize the review in time.Those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs in a timely manner.Enterprises seriously violating laws and trust-breaking shall be included in the list of seriously violating laws and trust-breaking enterprises for management according to law.The results shall be recorded in the E-CQS system and submitted to the general Administration.The State Administration of Supervision said it will strengthen follow-up supervision, depending on the situation of the local results of the treatment.Source: