“Finally, Putin has played all his cards!”

2022-07-06 0 By

As the situation in Ukraine heated up, the United States continued to send some weapons to Eastern Europe and even mobilized the forces of the American airborne division.It is clear that the United States is actively pushing the situation toward the outbreak of conflict.If there is anyone to benefit most from the outbreak of war in Ukraine, it must be the United States.First, America will get enough military orders, second, the EU will be more closely attached to America, and finally, Russia’s power will be weakened, which is less harmful to America.The USS Truman said in a statement that it cherishes the opportunity to train with Allies such as France and Italy.It is reported that the US aircraft carrier Truman has held joint exercises with French and Italian aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, and the project even involves the US aircraft taking off and landing on the French carrier.This is a very typical wartime training exercise, simulating a scenario after the loss of a carrier on one side.The global Times also noted that the US-led military exercises are clearly aimed at putting more pressure on Russia as tensions in The Mediterranean Sea escalate over Ukraine.But from the perspective of NATO countries’ behavior, it seems that they are being led away by the US. Both the Normandy talks and French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Russia have expressed the EU’s desire to de-escalate the situation.The EU knows better than anyone what kind of equipment Russia has in the end, and the days of being suppressed by the Soviet Union are hard to forget!But the United States can not stand the potential, with their major Allies to show off, and Russia really gun really great greeting!After two decades of battling wits with the West, Mr Putin has concluded that NATO’s commitment cannot be trusted.Even though they promised not to expand to the east, after a few “dups”, The Russians have made it abundantly clear that NATO’s rhetoric is polluting the air.This time Russia has taken out the Soviet Red Navy left behind “super assets” – three so-called carrier-killer glory class missile cruisers.For the first time in three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the three cruisers have been seen together, and The Russians have been bold enough to place their joint exercises in the Mediterranean, close to the three-nation joint carrier fleet.Russia has also deployed a significant number of mig-31K fighters in Kaliningrad, armed with daggers and hypersonic missiles.The missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead at speeds of Up to Mach 10 and can cover the whole of Europe, and which no eu country can deal with at the moment, is a dagger in the heart of Europe.Finally, it is hoped that the United States will not put the fate of the global humanity on the precipice for its own selfish ends.Part of the news comes from: Huanqiu