Free after completion!The expo greenway demonstration section has been completed

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Some people reported that the main body of the fitness trail at the north gate of the Golden Palace Park and gate 3 of the Expo Park has been repaired and felt very good after experiencing it, but it has not been put into use yet.Reporters learned that the 2-kilometer walkway is a demonstration section of the first phase of the “Expo Greenway”, which is one of the special projects to improve health facilities in the Expo area.Located in the cableway station at the top of the green way A phase of demonstration long 2 km, 5 PM on March 31, according to the citizen to provide address, reporter from pine garden road and the green maple garden road intersection road entrance to see down the mountain, blue for asphalt pavement trails, about 2.5 to 3 meters wide, trails on both sides of the covered with film, used for curing new planting of green plants and flower seedlings.The whole path twists and turns, with lush vegetation on both sides and the sounds of insects and birds.In the middle of the walkway, there is also an artistic overhead corridor.Standing on the long corridor, you have a wide view.At the end of the walk, the gate of kunming Expo Park no.3 stands four big characters of “Expo Greenway”.While walking down, the reporter found that although the footpath was not completely completed, such as the road on both sides and overhead corridor did not install lighting equipment, but there are already citizens running in this exercise.The 2-kilometer walkway, which starts at the north Gate of the Golden Palace and ends at gate 3 of the Expo Site, is a demonstration section of the first phase of the Expo Greenway, according to the Expo site.The main construction of green road, service station, green landscape, overhead corridor, lighting and intelligent system and other supporting facilities.At present, the main part of the first phase demonstration section has been completed, and the greenway lighting and other basic facilities are being gradually improved.”The total length of the Expo greenway is 20 kilometers.Among them, 10 kilometers of first-level greenways are mainly cycling and walking, and the greenways are 3-5 meters wide.The 4km secondary greenway is mainly for partial cycling and full walking. The greenway is 3-3.5m wide.The six-kilometer three-level greenway is mainly for walking and is 2-3 meters wide.”The ‘Expo Greenway’ is not only an ecological construction project, but also an infrastructure for national fitness. After completion, it will be open to citizens for free.”According to the introduction, the Expo greenway is a government agency to build the project, but also to improve the area’s health facilities, one of the special benefits of the project.”‘ expo green way will activate the expo area ecological resource, by building a green wisdom with the function of sports, leisure, travel system, the expo garden scenic spot, HuMaShan country parks, scenic spots organic tandem hall, to create a fusion of ecology, culture, health, science and technology clouds, further highlight the expo forest natural ecology and biodiversity,To help create a ‘healthy lifestyle destination’ and a ‘national Health Demonstration area’.”Kunming Expo garden said.”After the completion of the Expo greenway, it will provide citizens with a safer and more comfortable roaming space, and at the same time improve the forest fire prevention capacity of the area, which is of great significance to enrich and enhance the public service function of Panlong District.”The biggest difference of the Expo greenway is that it is surrounded by green shade compared with ordinary walking and fitness trails.It can connect the existing green land, forest land and park of the city, and string the “pearls” scattered everywhere into a beautiful “green necklace”.Expo with 20 kilometers of the greenway planning level green lane length: 10 km width: 3-5 m function: mainly cycling and walking secondary green lane length: 4 km width: 3-3.5 m function: give priority to with some cycling and walking all the level 3 green lane length: 6 km width: 2-3 m function: mainly walking city times all media reporter: Yang Tao coordinating editor:Mo Kaijing editor: Fu Yali Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: