Lu ‘an public Security traffic police launched a campaign to persuade and publicize traffic violations involving electric tricycles and four-wheelers

2022-07-06 0 By

To effectively prevent and reduce the tricycle, carriage road traffic accidents, and effectively improve the traffic safety consciousness, ensure the security of people’s lives and property, of maintaining road safety situation steadily, recently, luan public security traffic police to carry out the electric tricycle, carriage illegal operation, stop, reverse driving traffic violations such as propaganda.In the action, the police focused on the national, provincial and rural roads, and strictly investigated the illegal operation of electric tricycles and four-wheelers, running red lights and reversing traffic violations. In the law enforcement process, the traffic police insisted on the combination of education and punishment, combined with the typical traffic accident cases of electric tricycles and four-wheelers.Patiently explain to the driver and passenger personnel illegal manned, red light and other traffic violations of the harm, so that the driver and passenger from the ideological warning education, further improve road traffic safety awareness, to eliminate the electric three, four wheeler traffic violations brought by the hidden accident.END