Out of the willow head

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Every Lantern Festival, there is always a special feeling.When I was a person quietly drinking tea, suddenly, and imperceptible silence…….I can’t remember when I started to like tea. It was five years ago that I drank four or five cups of tea a day.I don’t drink various kinds of tea. I simply drink Tieguanyin tea or Longjing tea, but it has been two years since I drank Longjing tea.I don’t care what it is.Like to use purple sand pot for tea but it is after going home, some purple sand pot has been put in the home for a long time, because of love and collection, but also because of love and reveal.Color clear taste sweet, slightly bitter and sweet is the root of tea, but purple teapot?Sometimes when I am alone quietly making tea, I think I should have three or two bosom friends, such as Tao Qian, Haoge, or Feng Zikai….Now I am writing “The Shopkeeper’s Notes” and listening to “Ashes of Time” from “Knights of Glory”.If you have to say that my writing emotion comes to the lonely edge, I would like to tell you that masters are also lonely when they make POTS.In the past, the concept of home was not as strong as it is now. However, I was running a shop by myself with a child and endless housework.I have not written a decent word for more than four years, since years ago, because my world suddenly stood still;I cannot deny that most of my writing is born in the dark, in the dark emits a little light, and I am the only one moving in the light.I have been nothing in my life, although I am not playful, that is, I like tea;So I thought it was my ability, at least I need to have a home of my own, a family full of love;There were a couple of friends, making tea in a purple sand pot, and we sat around the stove, talking about the poetry of the past.But in fact, the problem is not here, I am not lonely, I just often immersed in the music, just like now a person drinking tea listening to music…….Then I saw the contrast, the paleness of the horns and plum blossoms, and these days I read the lines I have read countless times.How similar writers and I are!But what am I?And how shall he appoint a man?I suppose I should have lived or died as a knight for my family.When people are struggling for their own life, and my dream?Which one is it?Orion?Pluto?I have always cherished loneliness, and I am still the same in front of my children. Although I love my children very much, loneliness has become my mysterious companion, an elf.When I thus sit all day reading a favourite verse, it seems strange and curious to them in the country, like an idle man, even though I am doing it;But what do I have to do with them?In fact, it doesn’t matter at all. It’s ridiculous.Sometimes when I go out, I suddenly hear a harmonica music, depressed, depressed, very beautiful…..I wonder if the owner of the music is the same as me, in this era of money is everything, whether the dream is the devil?What do I think I should keep for myself?The stars or the moon?Now, I have no shop, has been working, do the night spirit, riding my white horse….October 2019 February 13, 2022