“Stick to the front line; protect the green homeland” more happy town forest fire prevention work unremitting

2022-07-06 0 By

Weather gradually warm, tourism outing, agricultural production and other activities increased, more happy town party committee government attaches great importance to forest fire protection work.Since a month, the village fire prevention officers in the town of More le into the field, to protect the green homeland stick to the front line.Since the fire prevention period, More happy town measures to do a good job of forest fire protection work, take the establishment of fire checkpoint, strengthen inspection, improve the emergency plan, strengthen the publicity and education measures, to ensure that the forest fire protection work.One is to organize town and village cadres to go deep into the field to face the masses to promote forest fire prevention, remind the masses to prohibit burning straw on the ridges of the field and earth, and prohibit bringing fire into the mountains;Two is in the village intersection, key forest intersection to set up fire checkpoints;Three is to strengthen the publicity and education, through Posting propaganda slogans, printing leaflets, etc., to create a forest fire protection publicity atmosphere;Fourth, strengthen the supervision of fire patrol inspection, and strictly implement the system of “one check a day, one notification”.Well, today’s story is over here, the future of more happy town will be more beautiful tomorrow!The future development of More lok Town will be more brilliant!Creation is not easy, feel good point like it, forward to let more people know it!If you want to know more about Geller Town, remember to follow me!See you next time!