The father took the initiative to let the second son with his mother’s name, the child inadvertently revealed the truth, hurt the old man’s heart

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In the 1980s, many families with only one child began to appear, especially those who have jobs may lose their jobs if they violate the family planning policy, so many families have only one son or one daughter.It took more than 30 years for China’s one-child policy to allow children to have a second or even a third when they grew up and married.Her parents were both teachers, so she had only one daughter. Liang married an only son, who gave birth to a second child when the child was two years old.So the couple feel anyway, both parents are still young, can help with the children, so prepare pregnant two foetuses, pregnancy, Liang Feng husband commented on in front of my father-in-law, a child no matter son or daughter, with Liang Fengxing beam, my father-in-law is also very happy, after all only an only daughter, married after home empty inside,If a grandchild or niece can take his surname, it is also a happy thing, not let the Liang family is extinct.Later, Liang Feng’s second child gave birth to a son, who was true to his word and named Liang Feng.When her first son was born, liang feng’s husband did everything by himself, buying milk powder and diapers and often taking the child out to play. However, after the birth of their second son, because his surname is Liang and he was raised in his grandparents’ home since childhood, Liang Feng’s husband did not care much.One day, the eldest son asked Liang Feng’s husband why his father didn’t take his brother’s surname with us. Liang Feng’s husband said proudly, “Mom is the only daughter of grandpa and grandma, and the house of grandpa and grandma can be given to her younger brother after her brother takes her surname. Dad just needs to make money and buy a house for you!”The child could not hide words in his heart. Once when he went to his grandparents’ house to play, the eldest son wanted to grab his younger brother’s toy, but the younger brother refused to take it, and his grandparents protected his younger brother. The child instantly felt uncomfortable.Say you just not my younger brother, father said you with mother surname after the father earn money is my, grandpa grandma’s money is you!Grandparents heard the child’s words, the in the mind feel particularly uncomfortable.The old man’s heart was hurt when his son-in-law made his second son name after his daughter.Now many only children, after marriage to give birth to two children will consider one with the father’s surname, one with the mother’s surname, but this is actually for the child’s growth is also unfavorable factors.Two-child family a father’s surname, a mother’s surname, without these 20 years between contradiction obviously taken the child does not close was between brothers and sisters should be close, but two different name, may lead to grandpa’s grandmother maternal grandparents or father and mother of two children slightly differently, which can lead to competition in the contradiction between the two children will become more obvious,There are so many conflicts between children that it’s hard to be intimate.Most brothers or sisters have the same last name. If they have different last names, many people will think that the parents have divorced or reorganized the family. This can cause people to look at the child differently.Especially when the child grows up to have a boyfriend, this can surprise the parents. For example, the daughter takes her mother’s name. Many people assume that the mother takes her mother’s name after the divorce.★ Old people eccentric to children if it is with the father’s grandparents will be more eccentric, with the mother’s grandparents will be more eccentric, which is actually detrimental to the growth of children.So make sure you know who your baby’s last name is.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement will be deleted.)