Vanish without!Morning staged gold needle bottom action, the probability of rebound after the festival!Are you ready?

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Closing at noon on the last day before the festival!In the morning again staged high fall diving wash dish sweep action, li Post as evidence, today was washed out of the investors will regret for life!Early bottom point 3356.56 is this round of stage low, but also the bottom of the market!After three signals appear, tell you the probability of a good start after the festival!Hold a holiday!Long live!I have pre-loaded, your choice is up to you, no more words, straight to the morning positive signal!1, the first positive sign is the renewed market institutions and cargo movement, the public offering private has, in addition to national team has uttered his voice, backed A shares, it is not A slogan, but in real money action, we can find that early drive have been financial inflows, and hit A dish of reason in A white wine and new energy this two directions,But both of these directions will soon stop the fall and counterattack, a real gold needle bottom action gradually emerged at the end.Today, the market dive long Yin time, we found no?How many themes is still a contrarian counterattack, appear a large number of bottom movement of funds, and investors in plunge point out will regret will, because you are really be cut under the floor, after recovery, you’re gonna gut, prices are often in desperate, this two days of action, especially yesterday, I felt desperate breath,So I simply hold, repeatedly remind you to copy the bottom will not move, only to the market results.3, the third positive signal then north to money also began to turn around to sweep goods, and we can find that stock has accelerated, deep targets or those who have the value of ultra fall varieties is given priority to, for the win, the test time of human nature, the final victory belongs to those who dare to withstand the baptism and shock investors insist on down, you are one of them?4, look at the current disk, the current red stock is close to 3800, today this is a general situation, last night and everyone said to find the expected direction of speculation, such as market counterattack who took the lead in counterattack?We can find that digital currency back in early trading, food and beverage also appear, brokerage also move, high sends turn potential performance shares performance are also common, as for the direction of new energy sources, is gold will shine, the tables have turned and you do choose, suits own is the most important, making money is the hard truth, everybody refuels!How bold before the festival!How much production after the festival!And there is not much time after the holiday, we must catch up before the US interest rate rise in March to control the position lock profits, that is why I filled the stock before the holiday the fundamental reason and operation plan!5, and checking my last night and everybody said, today there will be back, will be after a storm comes a calm after the storm yesterday before dawn, today to promote the dip of the perfect thoroughly, will my confidence back again, yesterday, there are some pessimistic, but the confidence of the stake and the confidence of the post-holiday bounce has been unchanged, continuous attention naturally understand, my friend, this is the stock market,Stare at the person of index everyday, bound to be met more emotional, but investment needs a rational and calm state of mind, how many people impulse trades and loss is serious regret even?But WHAT I have been sharing with you is the best mentality, the best position management, the best investment direction, the latest hype logic!The day before yesterday hit full warehouse, yesterday’s drop, how many people laugh at me, even face, but the choice, positive face, insist to do their own!Looking forward to the market will not overnight, here is not to say the end, only hope to appear the final stop signal, and then a rebound action, at least let us hold stocks have high control position opportunity is good, but on the current positive signal!I am still very optimistic about the back counterattack, afternoon to a golden needle bottom counterattack, the perfect closing holiday, can also let everyone happy holiday!Quite good!I was relatively satisfied with the performance of the early session, because the earnings that fell yesterday came back today, ha!What about your holdings?Everyone is good is really good!