Actor Will Smith apologizes after making fun of Rourke for slapping his ailing wife at the Oscars

2022-07-07 0 By

Rourke, who is also black, recently joked about will Smith’s wife losing her hair due to illness at the Oscars.Will Smith, who loved his wife deeply, could not be used to Locke’s bad behavior. He walked on stage and gave Locke a loud slap in the face in public, which made Locke’s eyes full of stars and he was at a loss. The atmosphere was once embarrassed.Shortly afterwards, Smith admitted in a post on we-media that he had gone a bit too far, but that it was hard for him to contain his emotions when rock insulted his wife in public.Will Smith’s apology was reciprocated by Locke’s forgiveness.It’s not easy to host the Oscars in these notoriously bad health years.Locke’s technique of ironic humor is indeed misplaced.After all, Will Smith is a man, too, who wants to save face, and making fun of his sick wife in public would be hard for anyone to accept or tolerate.Shortly after the incident, a number of netizens who claimed to know the inside publicly posted online that the on-stage assault was planned to bring back the Oscar ratings, which have been falling.This view, officially, has not been borne out.But it’s also true that in recent years, the Oscars have had disappointing ratings.Whether you act in a movie or flirt at an award ceremony, you should be careful.It should not be used as a publicity stunt to push the boundaries of others. It is not the role of media people to play dirty.Do you feel the same way in front of the screen?Let me know in the comments section.