As The Chinese New Year is coming up, the United Nations has issued five “five warnings”, sending a message to the whole world

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When the Spring Festival meets the Winter Olympics, Despite the challenges posed by the epidemic, China is still actively preparing for the smooth operation of the Olympics.Unlike domestic tranquility, the international community is not at peace.As China prepares to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the United Nations has suddenly issued a “five alerts”, sending a strong signal around the world.UN alert 21 local time, the United Nations secretary general guterres said on the 76th United Nations general assembly, the current global uncertainty increases, exacerbate inequality, rising inflation, triple threat to the environment, political unrest conflict continued, distrust between big countries to a new height, hatred, and a lie to occupy the public opinion.All of this illustrates the failure of global governance, and Mr Guterres has sounded a global alarm, calling on countries to work towards a common goal.The international community is faced with five major challenges: COVID-19, climate change, the global financial system, cyberspace and peace and security.Guterres argued that people must go into emergency mode in the fight against COVID-19.Given omicron’s experience, it is impossible to predict what new challenges the next mutated virus will pose.Allowing the virus to spread may seem like an “economic option,” but it is also an irresponsible choice.In addition, there is an urgent need to address the current issue of vaccines.Access to vaccines remains more difficult in developing countries than in developed countries, and vaccination rates have so far fallen short of previous UN targets.To this end, Guterres also called on developed countries to take action to contribute to the equity of the vaccine.On climate, Guterres also noted that climate-related disasters forced 30 million people to flee their homes in 2020 and called on countries to invest more money and research and development to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels as soon as possible, so as to achieve “net zero emissions” by the middle of the 21st century.On economic issues, Guterres called for the reform of the global financial system to improve inflation, eliminate inequality and give less developed and developing countries and regions economic development opportunities.Finally, on the issue of cyber security and global peace and security, Guterres also called on the MEMBERS of the SECURITY Council and the international community to make joint efforts to create a favorable environment and jointly meet challenges.As these challenges pile up, going it alone is not the best option. A return to multilateralism is desirable.Information reference source: Liberation Daily