Blazers fans blasted the general manager, who just one day ago promised not to rebuild, for trading lillard

2022-07-07 0 By

On February 5, the Blazers completed a trade with the Clippers in which they traded Covington and Powell, but only for Bledsoe, Winslow, Keane Johnson and a future second-round pick in 2025.The trade was a mixed blessing, as Clippers fans once again felt the power of West and the entire front office. What about the Blazers?Blazers fans across the United States have been Posting messages on the team’s social media platform calling for the firing of Blazers GENERAL manager Joe Cronin.Blazers fans should react in this way, since the only value of the trade for the Blazers is that it allows them to get below the luxury tax line this season, and Bledsoe’s contract is only guaranteed for $3 million next season, which is also likely to be bought out.In other words, the deal is about saving money.Instead, they sent away Colin Powell, who averaged 18.7 points per game, and Covington, whom they bought in two first-round picks last season.What’s more, the General manager of the Blazers gave an interview on just one day before the trade. He made it clear that the team has no plans to rebuild because there are a lot of good players in the team. He also said that he will keep Lillard with the team for many years and will not bring lillard back early.On the flip side, he made a trade that only a rebuilding team would make, and not even a lot of rebuilding bad teams, because they went to a second-round pick and didn’t even get a first-round pick.Lillard has repeatedly complained that the Blazers aren’t champions-caliber, and that neither orshey, who was fired, nor Joe Cronin, has been able to bolster him, often breaking up trades.Such management, such a team, Lillard injury, will continue to hold a loyal, continue to stay?Maybe it’s time he thought about his future, too.