Clock!Xinyang Museum to hold “Museum Night” during Lantern Festival

2022-07-07 0 By

On February 14th and 15th, every night from 18:00 to 21:00, Xinyang Museum will hold the theme activity of “Wonderful Night at the Museum — Searching for TA in many places”.Activities will be in the “night at the museum wonderful night watching lanterns – will be” kicked off in the glaring light show, now the fire all over the world winter games mascot “ice mound mound”, taking the “snow” panda stands in front of the museum, will be during the Spring Festival xinyang and clock in a web celebrity, let us together in the thousands of miles away to emphasize the Chinese Olympic athletes refueling!In order to increase the fun and interactivity of the activity and improve the enthusiasm for the participation of the general public, Xinyang Museum combined with the theme of the year of the Tiger, set up a “search for TA thousands of baidu —- museum to find the tiger” activity for the general public at the front desk to receive task cards (limited to 100),Follow the tips in the museum to find the “tiger” related cultural relics, take photos, punch in, send friends circle to collect praise (15), and pay attention to the Xinyang Museum wechat public account, you will get a Lantern Festival gift package worth 100 yuan, gifts are: 59 yuan cultural creation mug 1;One cultural and creative handbag worth 39 yuan;DIY fu character lantern 1.During the activity, there will also be an ancient Chinese traditional game — throwing pot in the museum. If you follow the wechat official account of Xinyang Museum on the spot, you can get the game qualification. According to the number of throwing, you will get the corresponding New Year companion gift.