Floral dress looks old?Song Jia looks amazing in her floral dress and leather jacket

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Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to pay close attention to day fruit age small broken flower skirt is pure and fresh, is on the vision, can show temperament of young women of the pure and clean, but the big flower and brunet department will inevitably appear more, especially in middle-aged women look soil and tacky, so many people away, not easily challenge big dark floral.The female that can wear build always gives a person a kind of delicate feeling on the vision, no matter what kind of element can deduce a senior fashion, match with wear build skill gives extraordinary glamour.Song jia used a leather jacket to reduce the old feeling of floral dress, while adding thick heels to show long legs, visually giving people a 2 meter long leg illusion, sexy and advanced.Floral dress looks old?Song Jia looks amazing in her floral dress and leather jacket.Modelling analysis many middle-aged women will not choose a big floral elements, especially color and brunet collocation can’t fully show the fashionable exquisite feeling, even local custom lower fashion aesthetic, but song jia use short skirt style with black leather jacket collocation, show the proportions that gets on next short length, under the modification of high heels to show big long legs, let the floral elements become senior,The collision atmosphere of red and black and mature, show the feminine taste incisively and vividly, look like ordinary ordinary wear build to reveal delicate and advanced however, as fashionable modelling also can colourful press the whole audience.Compared with the elegant atmosphere of long skirt, the biggest advantage of short skirt is that it shows the length of legs more visually. In order to enlarge the advantage of legs, slim and slender legs can show the advanced sense of wearing more visually.Song Jia has a more prominent height advantage, so she uses short skirts with high heels to give people a visual impact of two meters long legs. Short tops with short skirts show the charm of wearing legs below the chest.The big broken beautiful element that broken beautiful element brunet fastens carelessly can appear soil again vulgar, so a lot of women, especially middle-aged woman can avoid and be far away, but Song Jia tie-in leather jacket wore a fashionable and handsome, the skirt edge of wavy form increases girl feeling, the skirt of fleecy drapery places also won’t show old age.The floral elements are more visually attractive, which is completely different from the pure color items. Moreover, the size of the flower pattern and the depth of the background color also determine the overall style of wearing, and the combination of red and black colors presents a high-level sense of vision.Figure with short coat if long coat to wear more popular atmosphere, reveal mature women’s charm, so short coat biggest advantage is to highlight the waist line, show superior figure scale, brief paragraph coat for the little women at the same time is also very friendly, can easily manage and not short, also won’t 50-50 split on the vision.Song jia did not deliberately show mature femininity, but used a short jacket to show the handsome, cool sa style of wear more impact, more visually eye-catching.The colour collision of advanced match color red and black often shows advanced simple sense, the colour collocation of two kinds of acme shows mature advanced sense, middle-aged woman will prefer this kind to contain the colour collocation of simple sense.Song Jia uses black and red collision to show a sense of mature atmosphere, this color collocation is more in line with middle-aged women’s pursuit of steady introverted, while the vision will not be too low-key, to show the extraordinary eye attraction charm, two kinds of color and two kinds of material collocation to show a sense of conflict, using this conflict to highlight the wear of high fashion.Although the sheet that can wear the female that build tastes not quite fashionable, perhaps it is the alternative kind style that the masses won’t choose, below their deductive can reveal infinite glamour, the element of broken flower of local custom can wear an advanced feeling, especially the glamour of figure advantage lets a person cannot resist.Well, I am every day, thank you so good-looking also come to see my article, the above is the collocation of this issue to share!The content is based on the analysis of fashion wear, not for commercial purposes, the pictures are from the network, if there is an infringement to delete the picture sorry.