Friendship square fire cause identified!Such errors cause more than 650 fires each winter

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On January 16, a fire broke out at friendship Square in Jinjiang district.It is understood that the fire burned an area of about 8 square meters, the smoke area of about 500 square meters, the fire caused the demolition of the abandoned carpet and other combustible burning, fortunately no casualties.According to the Sichuan Fire and Rescue Corps, after on-site inspection and interviews with insiders, it was determined that the cause of the fire was improper control and disposal of the fire source while the construction workers were removing the air duct of the central air conditioner, causing the waste carpet and other combustible materials below to ignite.Welding cutting operation produce Mars could be the “culprit” fire welding cutting operation of Mars, could become a fire “culprit”, authoritative media analysis comb nearly five years of fire data, found that on average every winter, hange fueled the fire of 658, more deposit for the ignition operation place in or near the fuel.There are many similar cases.A fire broke out on the second floor of a market in Dalian, Liaoning province, on Dec 31, 2021, killing eight people and one firefighter.According to the investigation, the fire was caused by illegal welding of polyurethane foam on the wall.On January 11, 2022, an abandoned storage tank caught fire in a plant in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, covering an area of about 3 square meters.According to the investigation, the cause of the fire is that the welder knew that there were flammable items in the tin, but still illegal welding operation, and the welder is operating without a license.Experimental results show that the welding bead temperature is as high as 1372℃, which is easy to ignite surrounding combustible materials.After the test personnel do a good job of safety protection, the temperature sensor probe of the temperature measuring instrument on the welding point of molten bead splash, a large number of pouring down the welding bead temperature from 16 degrees Celsius was a geometric multiple climb, soon broke through 1000 degrees, the highest temperature reached 1372 degrees, far higher than the ignition point of cartons, polyurethane foam board and a variety of items.The test shows that the welding bead has a very high temperature and can easily ignite the surrounding combustible materials.The fire occurred in Jinjiang District, the construction personnel in the central air conditioning duct demolition gas welding cutting operation, the use of open fire operation, flame temperature is as high as 1500℃, coupled with the cutting material is easy to drop slag bead, has a high fire risk.Safety tips: Welding, cutting and other fire operations of the five links should pay attention to in the welding and cutting operation, whether electric welding and gas welding and gas cutting are open fire operations, the molten metal hot beads will splash, easy to cause fire.Chengdu fire control tips, safety precautions are not divided into four seasons, welding and cutting and other fire operations should do the following control measures: 1, workers in electric welding, metal cutting or other operations with sparks must have relevant qualifications, strictly abide by the fire safety operation procedures.2. The operation approval system shall be implemented for hot fire operations, and safety management and protection personnel shall be provided on site;3. The hot working area must be clearly marked, and there should be necessary warning signs;4. The fire working area must be far away from combustible materials (such as dangerous chemicals, wood, paper, packaging materials, grease, etc.), and must be equipped with enough fire extinguishing equipment;5. After the completion of fire operation, carefully check the surrounding environment to ensure that there is no safety hazard before leaving the site.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Yang Su photo provided by sichuan Fire and Rescue Corps editor Tian Li proofread Wang Ling