Lie win wang Yuelun: Li Xiang support his 12 years of fame and fortune, divorce only in March and beauty counterparts

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Wish Li Xiang and her lover a long life together.In the early morning of November 2021, Wang suddenly announced his divorce from Li on his official social media account, and in the last sentence of the divorce statement, he wished Li xiang and her new love well.Just when people feel Wang Yuelun up, he quietly deleted this message.Wang Yuelun, Li Xiang is not around.01, In January 2005, Li Xiang and Li Houlin held a very grand wedding.The wedding scene, decorated with hundreds of thousands of white roses and lilies, the flower door composed of flowers 12 meters wide, 8 meters high, all the empty space all inserted full of flowers.To ensure the quality of the flowers, all the flowers are flown in from their origin.Among the flowers, a new phalanx of 999 delicate candles designed by a famous teacher symbolized their everlasting love.The wedding dress was made by famous designer Zhang Zhaoda especially for Li xiang’s wedding. The hem and veil were 10 meters long and covered with crystals and jewels.In addition, Li Xiang has two other expensive dresses.In order to match Li Xiang’s clothes, Li Houlin specially hired famous designers from France and Italy to design unique jewelry for Li Xiang.Her diamond ring is an extremely rare pink diamond weighing three grams from South Africa.Designed by renowned designer Kenneth Cole, the ring is also inscribed with 6.16, the date they met, which is priceless.In order to remember the groom and the bride met the day, specially requested that the craft is engraved on the ring with this commemorative number.One of her necklaces, designed by world-renowned designer Antina Feit, combines a teardrop diamond with a round diamond, totaling more than 200 carats and worth millions.The other necklace is made up of more than 160 diamonds and pigeon blood stones, the largest stone weighing three carats and worth tens of millions of yuan. Designer Lois Coneben is also a master figure.With more than 600 official guests, tulle and bows on the guest chairs matched the bride’s wedding dress.The guests present are all popular stars.When the officiator asked Her if she would marry Li Houlin, Li Xiang shed tears of emotion.It was a seemingly perfect wedding, as the popular host married diamond tycoon Beauty and wit.Li met Li Houlin only three times before they got married, but they decided to get married 33 days after they met.However, it is said that When Li Houlin and Li Xiang met, and Qin Hailu is also a very good friend.After marriage, Li Xiang everywhere high-profile show affection, on the interview to talk about their magnificent marriage.But within a year, she and Mr. Li divorced.The reasons vary, but there are two main theories.One is that Li Houlin is a fake millionaire.One is that he is really rich, but business is bad and he is going bankrupt.Either way, the short answer is no money.Li Xiang is not an ordinary woman, she is mango once ace program “happy camp” the originator of the mountain.She was one of the female hosts in China.Its fame and commercial value are no less than the current Top stream.In 2001, she starred in the TV drama “Quick Mouth Li Cuilian”, and gained a lot.Later, in TV and external work gradually inclined to external work, and began to set up their own film and television company.In 2004, when she and “Happy Camp” itch for 7 years, she just met Li Houlin.So everything is logical, she is taking huge fame and a lot of wealth to leave the host’s position, ready to open the career of rich woman.Just did not expect, this desire has not set sail on the ground.This marriage let Li Xiang lose face in a period of time, at the beginning of the high-profile show of wealth show affection how proud, the end of the marriage is much lonely.But just this lonely fulfilled Wang Yuelun, if Li Xiang did not fall down from the high, her probability is not wang Yuelun.02, Wang Yuelun had been calm before he met Li Xiang.His father is Wang Hui, who graduated from Central Beauty And studied under Wu Guanzhong and other masters. He is a very famous painter in the circle. His mother, surnamed Yao, is a doctor.Wang hui’s works have many collectors around the world, and his individual paintings have sold for millions of dollars.Some of Wang Hui’s works and as a well-known painter, Wang Hui’s works are often invited to be exhibited around the world, and are basically unsalable in the collection market.It can be said that Wang Hui as long as a pen, money.Wang Yuelun began to learn painting from his father when he was young. He was admitted to central United States Middle School and finally admitted to Central United States.Because he likes movies, after graduating from CafA, wang Yuelun, 25, was sent to study abroad to further his directing major.Wang yuelun almost followed the path paved by his father. From painting to directing, he hardly made any efforts.His family was well off, his father was well connected in the art circle, and wang yuelun lived a handsome life while studying abroad.After returning from overseas study, Wang began to shoot advertisements. At that time, domestic pop music was booming around 2000.He used his natural connections to shoot a few music videos for Faye Wong and other singers, but nothing else.Since Wang yuelun came back to the entertainment industry, his father’s influence has been reduced.But different from ordinary people, Wang Yuelun is not short of money, although he does not have any works, but the life is natural and unrestrained, has a school of literary youth natural and unrestrained strength.He met Li while filming a music video in 2005 and pursued her after her divorce.Articulate, seen the world, although no works but still chic and confident, Wang Yuelun body of the prince’s temperament gives people a feeling that he is extremely talented.In a hurry, Li Xiang caught Wang Yuelun this straw.And from this time on, Li Xiang and Wang Hui seamless connection, became Wang Yuelun’s backer.Li Xiang to Wang Yuelun pulled the first film investment.But Wang Yuelun on the filming process lack of control, patting patting, money.It is said that Li xiang even sold one of her houses to help Wang finish the film.Although Li Xiang has a lot of real estate, her investment to Wang Yuelun is real money and silver.The movie “Nine Beauties of Perfection” received low reviews, but it did well at the box office.After a modest initial success, Wang went on to make “Panda Warrior” the following year, with Support from Li Xiang.Although the box office is not satisfactory, but Wang yuelun finally became a real director.But since then, Wang’s career has stalled.In fact, it is not easy for a man who is plain sailing, has no strong desire for success and has not experienced profound pain to succeed in art or in business.Besides, he has no talent.Later, When Li Xiang gave birth to a child, Wang Yuelun settled down to take care of the child at home and became a housewife.During this time, he also made a few films, all silent.Li Xiang helped him a lot, but he was not very happy with her.As the saying goes, eating short mouth, short hands, Li Xiang to Wang Yuelun’s discipline is very strict.Li Xiang asked him to call back whenever and wherever the telephone rang.Wang Yuelun was good-natured and did everything Li Xiang said without any contradiction, which was also his outstanding feature: good-natured, tolerant and tolerant.At home, Li Xiang always took the lead. When she wanted to do something, the whole family had to follow her steps.Li Xiang is vigorous, ambitious and courageous, and has been running forward.But for Wang yuelun, he did not want to follow Li Xiang so hard, he just wanted to live comfortably.However, although the concept is different, Wang Yuelun also as far as possible to cooperate, this is not easy.Li Xiang’s ability to attract gold first-class, in recent years with goods, live on the road run more than.Such intensity of work, let her in front of Wang Yuelun do a low-brow happy little woman is obviously unrealistic.However, Wang Yuelun’s attitude is good, at home to take care of the children is not anxious and not angry, there is no other men at home on the angry appearance.On the contrary, some of their own happiness, if not Li Xiang too much too strict, he may really have no complaints.Because he probably knew that if he left Li Xiang, he could not lead the rich and leisure people.His old father had money, of course, but he could not keep his son in his pocket forever.Soon he was bound with Li Xiang for a lifetime when Wang Shiling grew up.Around 2013, “Where are we Going, Dad?” found Li Xiang, Li Xiang looked at the idle Wang Yuelun agreed to the invitation.Wang Yuelun was not willing to go at first, under the encouragement of Li Xiang, Wang Yuelun reluctantly to participate in the program.Of course, on the show, Wang showed his ability to live a stifling life.Bargaining can go from $4 to $4.5.Can’t cook, can’t dress, can’t take care of.In the program, Wang Shiling even appeared more sensible than Wang Yuelun.But his muddled ability to live, happy to take things easy attitude, is also very popular.There are many basic life skills that Wang even learned on the show.Therefore, after participating in the program, Li Xiang would praise Wang yuelun: “He grew up very fast.”Wang Yuelun also reminds people of him again through this program.But this is not the main thing, the main thing is that Wang Shiling got out of the circle through this program.Although wang Shiling was a little baby fat, she was cute and considerate, and soon became a popular starlet.After the show, Wang became a minor star, earning a lot of money from endorsements, commercials and events.At this time, Wang Yuelun in the eyes of the public, slowly from Li Xiang’s husband into Wang Shiling’s father.At this time he did not rely on daughter-in-law, rely on the daughter can live very well.In addition, like other children from celebrity families, Li Xiang trained Wang In all aspects.Especially in fine arts, Wang Yuelun did not inherit the talent was perfectly inherited by Wang Shiling.This laid the foundation for Wang shiling to have a stable income later.04. In 2018, Wang Yuelun was photographed being intimate with a woman in a public place.The next day, Wang Yuelun left to admit his mistake and reflect, said he was drunk.Li Xiang light expressed a: “believe the husband”.In fact, Wang has been photographed driving a young woman before.Li Xiang came out to clear his name.Mr. Wang has also expressed gratitude.But in 2021, he was photographed again with a woman.Tea and dinner, intimate attitude.Just before the public outcry, he rushed to publish the news of their divorce that day.But Li Xiang neither answer nor reply.Just a dish of green vegetables, seems to hint that he was green.Now, just three months after his divorce, Wang has been photographed with a beautiful woman again.The new female companion is slim and elegant, looking old and easy on the eye.But that’s not the point either.The point is Wang Shiling.Wang Shiling is good at riding a horse, singing and dancing.One of her paintings sold for 120,000 yuan at an auction in 2019.Excellent comprehensive quality, good performance, plus the aura of a mother, Wang Shiling’s endorsement has been transferred from children’s products to all kinds of international brands, even more than some stars.At this time, Wang Yuelun, although not Li Xiang’s husband, but he is still wang Hui’s son, Wang Shiling’s father.As a result, he was jokingly said, “You have your parents and your children.”Now Wang yuelun can, if he chooses, live off his daughter’s fame.It may not have been his intention, but it was his daughter, and Wang loved her father.Wang rarely worked hard for anything, but there was always a new way out for him.Li Xiang helped him make movies, encouraged him to appear on the show, and eventually divorced, so that Wang Yuelun, li Xiang’s daughter, could also take credit.He may not have been particularly talented, but he did everything right.However, Wang is not all bad. His gentle temper, ability to defuse awkward situations and tolerance are also part of his luck.In addition, we have to admit that Wang Yuelun does have a kind of family wealth did not eat bitter and bring easy and natural bearing.That “no big deal” attitude to everything is, in many ways, very attractive.Wang Yuelun’s life, really only two words can be described: “lie to win”, his life can be said to be sweeter than honey.It’s luck, but it’s also strength.