Night reading | can be “harassment” at any time is a true friend

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“A true friend is the one who can be summoned to sit down and have a drink and a narrative at any time without being polite and harassing.”Article | in wu chuan sit high iron to luoyang of that day of, the first is XiaoWei harassed me.I’ve been in this city for more than 20 years, and I know a lot of people, but I can’t “bother” many of them right now.Before coming, because of my affairs, he was busy making phone calls, looking for acquaintances, running to the window, with a “business map” in mind.He had supposed that things could be done without my coming, and he had not expected me to go.Is this what I want to do with the second most important city in my life?Xiao Wei saw me and took me to take a taxi to handle affairs without saying a word.Upstairs, the division of labor is clear, I fill out forms, he does some “peripheral service work.”His father, who was seriously ill, could not leave him most of the time.This time he lost a dozen jin, hair has turned white.”We’re too old to go down,” he said.I felt sorry to keep him looking after father because of my business.”Then you came.”He said.After filling in the form, they went downstairs and talked about their father, the burden of middle age, the haze that had just cleared, the house I sold in this city a few years ago and the next generation in the sunny street.In the evening, Xiao Wei invited me to dinner and called Shaowu.The three of us continued our common conversation.More than ten years ago, Shaowu and I left the big organs at the same time and joined the platoon of a brigade several hundred kilometers away. Together, we experienced the most severe dislocation in our military career.The next day, Shaowu gave me a farewell dinner and asked me what I wanted to eat.I said rinse tripe.Besides soup, this is my favorite food in Nanjing.For more than a decade, every time I returned to the city, they asked me what I wanted to eat, and I answered them in three words.On this visit, I also had beef soup and donkey soup.No bowl of mutton soup satisfies me in Nanjing, which may be a kind of paranoia.It was very cold.Shaowu, his wife, his father, and Xiao Wei accompany me to have a drink at the tripe restaurant.His father, who had recently come from his hometown in southern Anhui, smiled and said little during the dinner.This time, Mr. And Mrs. Shaowu took him to the dentist’s office and “treated” his bad teeth.The tooth had been broken for a long time, and suddenly it was cured. The old man was in a good mood.Seeing that we had not drunk a bottle of white wine for a long time, the old man suddenly picked up the bottle and offered to divide it, which made us laugh.Shaowu had been in this city for more than 20 years. Every time he went back to visit his family and asked his father to come and enjoy himself for a while, he refused.He was well past 80, but suddenly he stopped being stubborn and agreed.Shaowu said, “I’m overjoyed.”It was two years ago.A few days after I left Luoyang, Xiao Wei’s father left for a long journey.As one reaches middle age, it becomes more and more clear that a true friend is someone who can be invited to sit down for a drink at any time without any polite “harassment”.It gives you a clear idea of who will still care about you years later.When we finished, Shaowu drove me to the left of a longmen Grottoes.Thirty years ago, my rookies were here.I still remember one day when I got an opportunity to go out alone from a company instructor for an unusual reason: I wanted to buy a stone seal carving competition in the boot camp.That day across the bridge, into the grotto scenic area, there is an open-air stall.I found a stone here that I could barely carve.In the cold winter wind, I stood by the old barracks, the memory of the fracture, just believe that “the past can not be pursued”.I went downstairs to my old house and looked up at the Windows from which we had watched the lo River so many times.When the child was only a few months old, he was brought from Nanjing to live in the house we had bought with all our savings.The house is not big, also did not live for long, but popular, is the comrades and friends of the “clock place”.In front of the building, the wife of those years to see off me, followed by relatives to see off her bus terminal platform has been removed, a viaduct in situ.Took a picture and sent it to his wife.Soon back to come over: “good miss!”My heart hurts.In the winter of 10 years ago, Shaowu drove me to zhengzhou airport after SIGNING the house sale agreement.All the way hundreds of kilometers of panic and struggle, but “chase”.When I was drinking in a tripe restaurant, I thought I had nothing to do with the city, but I still couldn’t think of anything to do with it.”You want to forget us?What do you want?!”Both men cried at the same time.Editor | Wang Lei typeset | Gan Qiongfang paper review exclusive manuscript, shall not be reproduced without authorization