Same losers, why such a big difference?

2022-07-07 0 By

The same is losing, The Japanese women’s football and our men’s football performance is completely different!Last night, in the Asian Cup, the women’s football team beat the Japanese women’s football team to reach the final.Wang shanshan’s second goal in the 119th minute and two penalty kicks saved by goalkeeper Zhu Yu sent fans into a rage.Great!This can not help but let a person think of just lost to Vietnam’s men’s football team, they watched the game, must also feel ashamed!So, no matter win or lose, the girls of the women’s soccer team should get flowers and applause when they face South Korea in the 6th final.Look forward to our sonorous roses, continue to bloom!Some happy and some worried!The Japanese women’s football team lost, but did not like the Chinese men’s football team was so reviled!They have not lost for so many years, but this time they lost, against a much weaker Chinese women’s soccer team, they should be playing with determination to win.It’s probably like the mentality of our men when they played Vietnam.But it seems different. After all, the Japanese women’s football team is an Asian powerhouse that has won the World Cup, while the men’s football team?The Japanese women’s football team’s ball control rate almost accounted for 70% of the whole court, obviously they did not underestimate the enemy, they lost to our Chinese women’s football team’s indomitable will and never say die spirit!So they admire the Chinese women’s football team in their hearts!The Chinese men’s football team to the Vietnamese men’s football team has not lost for so many years, the first day of the New Year also lost, they are lost to their own!Look across Asia, they have no one to lose!